K-Pop Songs: T – Think About You by JUN.K

This song was one of my absolute favourites from 2016 and for a damned good reason… it is SO SO GOOD! To be honest I haven’t heard this album too many times but with this song I didn’t need to check out the album as a whole to fall in love with it.




Mr. No was released 9 August 2016 with title track “Think About You”. I don’t know too much about a lot of 2PM title songs – other than “A.D.T.O.Y” and “My House” which I know very well – but I do like 2PM as people and their whole dynamic as a group. When JUN.Ks teasers came out I was excited to watch them. I know he has a lot to do with the groups songs production-wise so my interest was peaked on how great he was gonna be solo. I don’t think I was quite prepared for this song at all!

After watching all the teasers that were released prior to the MV – the choreography teaser video and the normal teaser video – my interest was at 100%. Taking away the stellar visuals – of both JUN.K with no shirt on and the beautiful MV – this song was done so well and shows how strong JUN.K is talented vocally and with producing a high-quality song.

The song is very electronic based but has a deep enough bass to dip into the pools of hiphop influence. It deals heavily in synths but in a way that’s not overpowering or takes away from the general vibe of the song. The fact that JUN.Ks voice is so high-pitched in contrast to the lower melodies of the music matches really well – both aspects are elevated higher because the other exists.

The thing I love about this song is it’s progression and intensity at the high points. Not only does the music take the listener through a rollercoaster of strength but JUN.Ks voice also becomes growly and more rough at those high points as well. Again, the unity of both aspects just make the song so much better in my opinion.

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