KASSY – I WANT LOVE [Album Review]

Although I have a sometimes love hate relationship with KASSY, I was extremely excited to hear this album due to my love of title track “I Want Love”. I am still getting used to her singing on tracks as I’m used to her rapping – she was a contestant of ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ – but I am growing to appreciate her singing voice as time goes on.


ALBUM: I Want Love


Released 18 Jan 2018 along with title track of the same title, I Want Love is Korean R&B/Hiphop solo artists first mini album. She did release a single at the start of last year – “Dream” – which I really did like, but I definitely feel more connect to this most recent title track out of the two.

This album is unmistakably a combination of R&B and hiphop with clear influences of both genres through the heavy and rhythmic beats while maintaining to be empty enough for KASSY to sing and rap on.

I was expecting there to be a lot more upbeat songs, maybe a little more intense than “I Want Love”, but the majority of this album is slow. I’m not sure if this is a direction KASSY is going to keep going down but I think it works for her. She wasn’t the strongest rapper through ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ and I definitely prefer her singing more.

My favourite song on this mini-album is “Don’t Forget”. I tend to favour songs with similar titles but this one stands by itself with its simplicity and beautiful vocals. Seeing KASSYs heavy involvement with the songwriting on this album is a massive bonus for me as well.



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