K-Pop Songs: T – Treasure Island by MILLIC

I was absolutely blindsided by MILLIC and his album Vida when it was released half way through last year. I thank the gods above for the title track being so good or else I never would’ve heard this album but especially this song. For those of you who saw my post TOP KPOP ALBUMS OF 2017 you’ll know this album made it into that list. For those who haven’t checked it out, you need to. My non-Kpop-listening boyfriend heard some songs off this album and immediately downloaded it – that’s how universal and amazing this album is.


ALBUM: vida


MILLICs vida was released 10 July 2017 with title track “Paradise”. For those of you who don’t know, MILLIC is one of the members of FANXY CHILD – a crew made up by ZICO featuring ZICO, DEAN, CRUSH, PENEMECO, MILLIC and STAYTUNED. Why he made up this crew I don’t know but god bless the heavens for ZICO as he’s created a crew that has such amazing potential and high-quality songs.

I didn’t know what to expect when first listening to this album but I quickly fell in love with it’s general relaxing and calming hiphop beats and it’s high use of english. I don’t need a lot of english in a song to enjoy it but I was taken aback at how many songs were purely in english – “Treasure Island” is one of them. Maybe it’s because of the featuring artists but I really enjoyed the dynamic between the amazing song production and the featuring artists.

I’ve didn’t know of HAN until I heard this song and I love his voice. He has a very distinct way of singing – pronunciation-wise – yet i find his voice quite thick. He also has a calming and patient sounding voice, meaning he doesn’t rush through his words which I can definitely appreciate.



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