K-Pop Songs: U – Up by BOBBY

It should be absolutely no surprise that I love me some KIM JIWON or IKONs BOBBY. He’s one of the most talented idol rappers around at the moment and I’m so proud of him for how stellar this album is.


ALBUM: Love & Fall


Released on 14 September 2017, Love & Fall exceeded everyones expectations with how much talent BOBBY has. What we know of him so far – his ability to rap savagely on a track – was quickly spun in the opposite direction as this album had a lot of his softer side which made it stand out more. Except for “Up”. This track is exactly what we know BOBBY can do and boy can he do it well! Even though it does stand apart from the rest of the album for being so solidly under the spectrum of Korean Hiphop/Trap, it doesn’t take away from how fantastic the song or album are.

There are a lot of things I love about this song – the fact it’s straight hiphop or MINOs involvement as a featuring artist.

In case you didn’t know – I LOVE me some SONG MINO in any way, shape or form… whichever way he wants to present himself I’LL BE FIRST IN LINE! I’m a huge fan of their duo MOBB which was active in 2016 so when they decided to collaborate again for this song I was so excited. To be honest I was expecting the song to be a slower one due to the vibes of the earlier tracks on the album but you can imagine my surprise when the song first starts.

Rather than asking if people know about this album I’m more wondering how many people actually RATE this album. If you don’t, listen to it again. It’s a well executed album with more than enough stand-out tracks. I understand if you don’t like BOBBY as a rapper but I am not one of those people. As I mentioned earlier – BOBBY is one of the best rappers around at the moment with so much untapped talent and potential. More people would fall in love with him (and IKON) if YG would let them promote more. This album received little to no promotion time on music shows which is disappointing but also not surprising.

I’m begging you – as an IKONIC and a K-Pop fan – listen to this song, this album, the group. It’s all just… very very good!

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