This may be a bit of an obscure album for me to review but I really like their song “Blah” which was released at the start of the month to the point where I’ve included it in my JANUARY 2018 KPOP PLAYLIST – this post will be up at the very end of the month. For those of you who enjoy Korean R&B then you should definitely listen to this album.


ALBUM: Planetarium Case#1


Planetarium Case#1 was released 3 January 2018 with title track “Blah”. As I mentioned above, I really enjoyed this title track but it is one of the very few truly upbeat songs off this album. Before I get ahead of myself I wanted to talk about PLANETARIUM RECORDS for a second for those who haven’t heard of them before – this includes me as well.

I’ve tried to do a bit of research on the group but I couldn’t find too much information. On the PLANETARIUM RECORDS Korean website only three people were listed under artist yet the album cover would dictate otherwise. So – in the spirit of not forgetting anyone – I’m going to go off the album cover.

The artists apart of this album are: JUNG JINWOO, VILLAIN, JUNE, GAHO, MOTI and KEI-G. To be honest the only people I recognise out of the above mentioned is JUNG JINWOO and VILLAIN. I’m a massive fan of JINWOO and his album that came out in 2016 – seriously, this album is beyond fantastic so check it out ASAP!

Other than those two mentioned I had no idea what to expect from this album but you can imagine my intense delight when I found myself falling in love with every track. There are two tracks off the album which I don’t think match with the rest of the tracks – specifically “Intro (I Want to Believe)” and “Blah” but only because those two are the most uptempo ones. The rest of the album is slow jam/R&B style which I love. I’m a fan of consistency within an album and this one has it in spades.

The whole album shows how talented each and every member is with their own solo songs scattered throughout with the odd features here and there as well. Their voices are spectacular individually but when they all come together it’s genius.

I’m not too sure if there’s going to be more albums released in a kind of series but I’m assuming so due to the title of the EP. If they are – IM EXCITED!!

I would try and list every song that’s my favourite off the album but I’d be listing the whole album so let’s just say that this is my favourite album of the month. I know my score is pretty excessive but my overly biased love for JUNG JINWOO helped gain the album more points. This is definitely my kind of album and I’m so happy I listened to it!




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