K-Pop Songs: V – Voice Message by B.A.P

BAP is one of my Top 3 bias groups and for good reason. Their ability to come out with so many different genres all the time is breath-taking and I think not done enough by promoting groups at the moment. I do think they get played by their company TS Entertainment but their ability to be so well received by international fans is so amazing. “Voice Message” is one of those songs that is so easy to love – not only the song itself but the translation is beautiful as well.


ALBUM: No Mercy – EP


BAPs first mini album No Mercy – EP was released 19 July, 2012 with title track “No Mercy”. Although it was only their first mini album, the difference of genre between this song and their debut song “Warrior” was clear. As well as their title tracks having different genres comeback after comeback, their songs within an album are also very different. I tend to think of it as a way for them to appeal to multiple different music tastes while still keeping the base of rock. “Voice Message” is a totally different colour than “No Mercy” as it’s a ballad. I love BAP ballads as they represent their more sentimental sides while showing the more emotive nuances of their voices.

With the husky rapping voice of leader BANG YONGGUK kicking the song off you can’t help but hear the emotion and passion in his voice. His voice tends to affect me regardless of the song but it’s clear of his feelings in this particular song. Strong vocalists DAEHYUN and YOUNGJAE elevate the song to a more powerful place but the best representation of this song is when they perform it live. I’ll include my favourite live performance of this song down below but their skill as live vocalists is absolutely stunning. I was lucky enough to see them live and I can definitely say that they sound the same live – their talent as veterans in the field of performing is obvious.

You want to be a main character in a sad melodrama
Even so, we can’t be – you’re so fake, it’s so obvious
Other guys are comforting and hugging you
Just imagining it disgusts me, automatically making me laugh
Every day, I’m part of these arguments that leave me short-breathed
I’m tired of giving in to your unconditional standards, you’re just that much selfish
I’m all good without you girl
Thanks to you, my memories have turned dirty
You are erased in tattoo

I have no regrets, I have none
Don’t even think that I’ll be waiting for you
I have no lingering attachments, I have none
Because I gave you everything already
Things can’t be turned back, you’re not here
Because I don’t have an ounce of emotions left
I will cry my eyes out and erase you afterwards
Now time to say good bye

I’m so mad from my head to my toes because of all the days I wasted by being deceived by you
I can’t turn things back and the remaining traces torture me
In the past days, the words of love only gave me scars
Thanks to you, my memories have turned dirty
They remain deeply in me and will erase you

You’re not saying anything, you’re not
There’s just one thing I want to say
I dreamed a good dream and now I forgot it
This is the end, bye bye bye bye
Things can’t be turned back, you’re not here
Because I don’t have an ounce of emotions left
I will burn all the gifts you gave me and erase you
Now time to say good bye

This song group is so amazing and every one of their tracks are worth listening to. They’ve had to endure so many hard times, too many!, but their passion for their music and their fans keep them going strong.

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