K-Pop Songs: W – Who Are You by SAM KIM

This far through the alphabet, you all should know my love for SAM KIM cannot be contained. Given the opportunity, I will talk about his as much as I possibly can. Although he doesn’t have a huge back catalogue just yet, his already existing body of work speaks volumes for the kind of artist and the kind of voice he has.


ALBUM: Guardian (Original Television Soundtrack), Pt. 6 – Single 


As you can see, “Who Are You” was released for K-Drama Goblin OST. I’m a huge believer in a show or movies soundtrack contributing to the majority of it success. Especially for a show like Goblin. If you haven’t seen it I would highly recommend it. Although I’m not a huge K-Drama watcher anymore, I made an exception for Goblin and I will forever be thankful for actually committing to it. Not only is the acting and storyline beautiful but it also introduced me to an amazing soundtrack.

Having such a good drama paired with exceptional music is a must in not only getting my attention but also keeping it. I’m a habitual re-watcher of dramas but I refuse to rematch this one – this shit is just too sad! Although other Goblin songs like CRUSHs “Beautiful” and HEIZEs “Round and Round” are crazy famous, SAM KIMs “Who Are You” took my breath away.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m an existing fan of SAM KIMs voice but this song really hits me hard. Contrary to his other songs I’ve talked about through this A-Z series, in “Who Are You” he pushes his voice a lot more. Every time the chorus hits, the listener is hit with his pure and powerful voice which the geniuses of the Goblin editors managed to put in the most perfect places.

This song, his voice, this drama are spectacular and they’re all worth checking out!

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