Listening and reviewing this album is another case of enjoying the album spoiler that’s usually posted on YouTube a couple days before it gets dropped. Although it is a great way to hear stems of the upcoming release I also feel that they can be a little misleading. While I do enjoy the odd song off this album I was expecting a lot more from it.


ALBUM: The 1st Mini Album Part.2 ‘After’


After was released 24 January, 2018 with title track “Baby It’s U” which shows a different side than what I’d seen from him before. I do like this song but like the verses more than the chorus. To me, it plays in very closely with producer earattack’s style because I can’t help to see similarities with this songs and other songs he’s been credited on. I seem to really enjoy the verses but then my interest almost lessens during the chorus and I felt the same way this this song as well.

While I do have a couple songs I didn’t like off this album I did enjoy most of them. ‘Toc, toC!’ is slower than the title track and it’s got a chilled-vibe. ‘Irony’ is more upbeat than the previous two songs and does get a little busy musically but is still withheld enough to not drown out his voice. This song in particular does have a heavier bass/beat which compliments SEWOON’s higher-pitched voice well.

‘No Better Than This’ is probably one of my favourites off this album. It starts with an acoustic electric guitar which pairs well with the steady beat development and introduction of more percussive instruments. The chorus is pretty catchy without taking away from the sincerity of the music. It does sound like a lovey-dovey song but it doesn’t sound like it’s too cheesy which is easy to do with a voice like his.

I was a little half-and-half with the last two songs ‘I Love You’ and ‘Close Over’. While I just plainly didn’t like ‘I Love You’, ‘Close Over’ had parts where I didn’t like and parts where I did.

‘Close Over’ gives me extreme coffee house/elevator-vibes which isn’t necessarily a good thing, nor a bad thing. What I did enjoy with this song is the introduction of strings in the pre-chorus which elevates the song to a higher place and also makes him sing differently in these parts. I also really liked how the music changed after the first chorus which did make me like it a lot more as he started to use his falsetto a lot more.

I didn’t hate this album at all but I was expecting a lot more – thanks to the stupid album spoiler. I do still prefer this album more than Part.1 so I’m hoping the albums to follow will meet my expectations and be what I’m hoping for.



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