While I obviously know of VIXX and RAVI, I’m not entirely sold on him as a rapper. I do have a specific kind of rapping voice and RAVI does have a lot of those qualities but for some reason I’m not entirely certain of him. After watching the MV for the title track of this mixtape I did like it more than I was expecting but I feel like I need some kind of visual aid when it comes to RAVI – just listening to a song isn’t enough to make me enjoy the song but when a MV is released I tend to like it more. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea.


ALBUM: Nirvana


Nirvana was released 22 January 2018 with title track “Nirvana”. Like I mentioned above, I’m not a huge fan of RAVIs which annoys me to no end. I do like the few VIXX songs I know and I enjoy him when he’s a part of the group but I have a wall up for him as a solo artist for some unknown reason. While I do have these certain opinions about RAVIs voice, I did like this song – well, I did in the last half of it anyway. I enjoyed the featuring artist PARK JIMINs voice on the song and it fit the vibe well though I couldn’t stand the chorus. I’m not a fan of 80s music and this chorus sounded like it was straight from that decade which I didn’t like at all. But again, I ended up liking this song purely because of the feature and also the tempo and music changes throughout.

While watch the album spoiler on YouTube only one song stood out for me which was “Alcohol”, so I was excited the MV had a small portion of this song at the very end of it. It’s my favourite song off this mixtape because of the tempo and how it catered to RAVIs voice and vice versa. The song is definitely slower than the rest of the tracks and I really liked how it sounded like a track straight from SoundCloud. It also sounded very dream-like and I loved the tempo changes towards the end of the song. I’m very upset the song wasn’t long enough, though.

“Ravi Da Loca” was also another favourite of mine as it sounded a little more funky with a supply of really creative percussive instruments and horns. I do enjoy this kind of music for RAVI more than the electronic style heard earlier off this album and I would like to see him dive more into this style in the future. The fact he sings the chorus on this song is also an added bonus for me as well because he does have a pretty decent voice which adds another dimension to the song.

I also want to mention “Payday” as well as it’s another good song. It’s definitely more hiphop than the rest of the tracks but the featuring artists really made me love the song more. CHOA does her thing on the track and I think the pairing of both voices together was really nice.

I didn’t dislike this album at all. Actually, I was surprised at how much I liked the songs I was fond of. I’m not too sure why I’m so opposed to RAVI or his voice but I’m praying it passes quickly. I do like this mixtape more than his last album which is a plus – I just think I was expecting there to be more hiphop influences through the album and I walked away scratching my head at some of the artistic choices he made.



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