SOUL ONE – SouLonely [Album Review]

I constantly have to thank my brain for the thoughts of listening to as much new music as I can get my hands on. Seriously. This is the first album released in February I’m doing a first listen to and I have another twenty-two left to listen to – don’t worry, I probably won’t be doing reviews for all of them. Having this kind of constant exposure to new music I have no other option than to stumble across a fantastic album and artist who I’ve never heard before.


Rather than talk about each individual song I liked and didn’t like I just want to talk about how amazing this album is as a whole.

SouLonely is SOUL ONEs first full album was released 3 February 2018. I’ve never heard of him before but I can tell from the first track off this album I am now a fan of his.

He straddles the line between Korean hiphop, jazz and soul – and executes each an every one perfectly and uniquely. I know it’s hard to sell an artist like this without some kind of reference point so I’ll include his title track ‘Thank U’ which features Korean hiphop maven PALOALTO down below.

If you enjoy the MV then listen to the album. If you’re just genuinely curious, GO AND LISTEN TO THE ALBUM! I can almost tell this is going to be my favourite album of February but I really will try and give the other eighteen or so albums a fair chance.

I know this wasn’t really a review but I can’t NOT give a review rating…



Bye guys!


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