EDEN – RYU: 川 [Album Review]

There’s not a lot on the internet about producer-turned solo artist EDEN but what I do know is his voice is spectacular. I have heard of him before – I think one of his songs made it into a KPOP PLAYLIST video I made last year – and I’m happy he actually has an album I can push out into the universe, hopefully for more people to listen to.


ALBUM: Ryu: 川


Released 8 February 2018, Ryu: 川 is a small yet amazing album. I did mention above I have heard of EDEN and I do like him a lot. This album was released with MVs for two tracks  – “93” and “Good Night”. Contrary to my last post about restricting my album reviews for the month of February, this album is so good I couldn’t not write a review of it in the hopes that more people would give it a listen.

I can’t really provide too much information on EDEN as there is hardly anything out there on him but I would describe him as a R&B artist with influences in soul – he does tend to use his voice in a typical soul kind of way but the music is more based in R&B. I’m not too sure if I could give any well-known artists as a comparison to EDEN voice-wise so I think you all need to just listen to this album. I’ll be leaving reviews on each song down below so if you read something you might like please go and listen to the album.

The first track is “93” and although a title track, I don’t actually remember watching the MV for this. It’s a R&B song with heavy influences of a Latin beat which is proving to be popular in recent Korean music. There are elements of saxophone and other brass instruments introduced as the song progresses which adds to the all round upbeat vibe of the song. It has a nice supply of falsetto while not straying too much from the already established concept and the beat does break down a little bit before picking right back up again. It’s not my favourite song off the album but with the combination of harmonising vocals and a fun beat, I can’t not acknowledge how good the song is.

“Because You’re Pretty” is a totally different vibe than the first track as it does deal solely with R&B vocals and production, though it does have a steady and heavy bass guitar beat throughout. What I really enjoy about this song is the vocals and how skilled he is at overlapping his tonal differences while harmonising at the most appropriate and perfect times in the music. Halfway through the song it does change to a more bass guitar beat which was heard at the start of the song.

“Good Night” is probably my favourite song off this album – although there is a song later on in the album I really enjoy as well – and it’s the song that caught my. From the first words ‘Girl, I hope you’re happy…’ I was somehow put into a trance and was completely transfixed on the perfect unison of his voice as well as the slow piano-based music. This song is 100% R&B and I can’t help but hear so many Western songs referenced in this song. I love how he uses his voice and falsetto in this song as they both really compliment each other so well and – I’m assuming – are able to execute the sentiment of the song as well.

“Dance” features artist WOODZ which adds another colour to an already great album. WOODZ rapping at the start sets the mood for EDENs smooth vocals and I do like how well the two actually matched with each other. Though it isn’t one of my favourites off the album I do enjoy how the featuring artist seems to fit on the album. It is a nice song with a reintroduction of brass instruments while still keeping a strong drumbeat you’re now familiar with from hearing on previous songs.

“Little Bird” is the last song off the album but it is my other favourite. I’m so drawn to ballad-type songs and this song being so heavily set in falsetto was bound to draw some attention from me. The lyrics at the start “Little bird, why can’t you sleep…” is so delicate that I was once again drawn into a different world as I only focused on his voice. Falsetto’s are an almost sure-fire way for me to love a song and for me, “Little Bird” is the perfect end of a perfect album.


Have a look at the two title tracks off this album down below!

My favourite off the album:

What’d you guys think of the two songs above? Do they make you want to listen to EDENs album? Let me know if you went out to listen to the album down below!


Bye guys!


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