While their first album came at me from out of nowhere, for this second album my standards are a little higher purely based off my love of their first album. I do hope some of you listened to the first album after reading my review or maybe after I made a video with stems from each track on my YouTube channel – for those who did, let me know how you liked it. And for those of you who still haven’t made the jump to listen to PLANETARIUM yet, maybe you will now after reading my review to their second albumin two months.


ALBUM: Planetarium Case#2


Released 7th February 2018 with title track “Blind”, you can only imagine my intense excitement to hear this album. I fell head-over-heels in love with their first album Planetarium Case#1 and I once again was thrown into their originality and unique voices as soon as the first track started.

This album does have similarities to their first – it’s based under the spectrum of R&B and does deal with vocals more than rap which is much appreciated in an industry where a lot of songs can be saturated in rap. It does make it easier for a collective like PR who have multiple artists who usually perform a solo song on the album. Producing an album like this is really refreshing as well as builds a following for a specific artist while not finishing the album sick of any artist. Another difference I noticed was the amount of strictly instrumental songs on the album. Their first album may have had only one or two of these instrumentals, Case#2 has three. It may not seem like a lot but on an album with ten tracks in total three is a lot.

Their title track “Blind” is another goody though not as catchy as their first single “Blah”. For me, “Blah” had a catchier chorus and was a lot more uptempo but in the defence of “Blind”, I find the quality of this song and it’s vocals to be a lot higher – maybe due to its slower tempo which gives the vocals a lot more room to show off, but I enjoy this song a lot. It also takes on a darker theme which I wasn’t prepared for – there are times when the piano gives off a haunting vibe which is very welcome, I personally enjoy songs that are a little more emotive.

I really enjoy how almost each track features a different artist and by the looks of it, KEI.G is the most contributing artist as he’s responsible for the instrumental tracks I spoke of earlier. I am a little upset VILLAIN didn’t have more than the one solo as I’ve really started to enjoy his voice from Case#1 and the songs outside of PR which he’s been a part of.

I have often spoke about my love of vocal Jung Jinwoo, and this album will show no change. For me, he shines in this album. I can’t speak too much on the songs where all five artists are a part of but his songs “Noise” and “Lonely” pulled at my heartstrings a little harder than the rest of them which made them my two favourite songs off the album.

My main reason for being so interested in PLANETARIUM RECORDS in the first place is because of Jinwoo so I feel extremely apologetic to the rest of the members that are a part of this collective – I tend to focus on Jinwoo’s voice more than the rest of them so I’m really sorry for not talking too much about them in this review. No doubt I’ll start to appreciate each and every member more and more as they keep producing more and more music.


What do you guys think of the album? Do you have any favourite songs? Let me know in the comments below!


Bye guys!



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