CLC – BLACK DRESS [Album Review]

I wouldn’t say I’m an avid CLC fan – my usual aversion to girl groups restricted me to get too into their earlier albums and title tracks – but “Hobgoblin” was a calling from the Gods above and through that song I was able to hear my first ever CLC album.

From my understanding, they’ve maintained a typical girl group concept of light music and their album Crystyle was the first time (maybe??) they were able to come out with a hip hop based song, a style they should’ve always had. (NOTE: Crystyle is a fantastic album by the way. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.)

I wasn’t a fan of their later 2017 album Free’sm so when I heard the teasers for “Black Dress” I was beyond excited. By the sounds of it, I was going to get another hip hop and sassy album which I so loved from them at the start of last year.


ALBUM: Black Dress


Released 22 February 2018 with title track “Black Dress” I was excited to hear the rest of the album. From the sounds of this title track alone I did find some similarities with “Hobgoblin” though the latter was a little more hard hitting than this current single but this fact didn’t waver my love of “Black Dress” nor my excitement to hear the album.

To be completely honest, I was a little let down by the majority of the tracks on this album but there were two that I’m borderline obsessed with. Take that however you want, but it is my personal preference – I enjoy an album to be very cohesive as an entirety and I felt like Black Dress had a few tracks that didn’t fit well with each other nor the overall concept of their title track.

The tracks I love are of course “Black Dress” but also “Like That” purely because of the sassiness and heavy hip hop elements throughout the songs. A lot of people will love the album as a whole but my personal preference is that of a hip hop-based song, regardless of whether a boy group or a girl group do it. There are times when this is contradicted because I can fall in love with a song if it’s catchy enough but for CLC, who had such a banger like “Hobgoblin” and such an amazing album as Crystyle my standards were a little higher than usual.


Did you like CLCs album? Which songs were your favourites? Let me know down below.


Bye guys!


2 thoughts on “CLC – BLACK DRESS [Album Review]

  1. I’m sorta with you. I think I liked it a tad more than you but I was a bit underwhelmed by it too as a whole. That said I really really dig Black Dress the track. And Yeeun, boy was she extra fierce looking with the short hair. It suits her so well! The part where she turns to look at the camera and shows it off for the first time is my favorite part of the MV.

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    • I really have to stop having such high hopes but I think that plays into how much I liked Crystyle. The album could’ve been show stopping if they’d based the rest of the tracks on the first two. They have such potential to be so sassy and savage which they were with Black Dress but oh well. Maybe their company isn’t ready for that kind of attention yet hahaha

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