[REACTION] NCT U – Boss | Hana Rosey

Okay so…. NCT is absolutely killer and it’s only February!!! I love how amazing they are but at the same time I also kinda hate it. There’s no need to be so aggressive all the time… TAEYONG, I’m talking to YOU!!

Check out my shit show of a reaction below!

Clearly, I had a hard time with this one. I don’t know if it’s the sound of the song or their ever famous and accurate choreography but this song is definitely one of my favourites a NCT unit has ever done – and yes, I am including my holy grail “The 7th Sense” as a part of that.

Nothing could’ve prepared me for my love of this song, nor could I know during filming how much I would listen to this song on repeat. But in retrospect the teasers alone should’ve given me enough warning of my impending doom.

How did you like this song and MV? Do you have a bias is NCT? Let me know down below!


Bye guys!


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