Hey guys!

I mentioned over the past month that I wouldn’t be doing any in depth album reviews for a little while until I’m entirely caught up with my reactions, albums I missed etc and I’m almost there. I’m up to date with my reactions so far, though I haven’t edited or uploaded those that came out in April yet but they have been filmed, these will be coming soon. I’m hoping my reviews will start being a more prominent feature on this blog.

So although I haven’t written any reviews on here, I have been listening to a lot of albums – I think I listened to the most albums in March!

Check out my favourite album of the month down below!

I do make all these videos myself and include enough of a song to hopefully capture the attention of the listener. I also make these “Album of the Month” videos based on albums I haven’t done a first listen to, just an FYI.

How did you enjoy the video? Do you have any tips for making these videos better? Let me know down below!


Bye guys!


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