Hey guys!

Well I got a few comments on this one – even though I’d mentioned in my previous reaction video to not leave bad comments under my videos. I don’t really mind too much, every one is entitled to their own opinion. I did get a couple comments in response to a comment I made about Seungyoon’s April Fools Joke as well. To be fair, I was meant to leave a pinned comment under the video but forgot until I got the first comment.

Any ways! Everyday was the first Kpop album I did a first listen to that had even the slightest negative comment – I wasn’t overly fond of the whole thing but there were a couple songs that stood out to me. It’s not a sin to dislike an album so I don’t really understand why I got three dislikes haha. I’ve always come from a direction of supportive criticism so I’m always quick to apologise if I’ve upset anyone by what I’ve said.

Check out my first listen down below!

I think I was let down by this album more than anything. From their promo shots to their amazing title tracks they’ve had since “Really Really” and “Fool” came out, I was expecting more from them. What I am happy about was how heavily they were involved in the production and songwriting – this album was purely made by them which I can’t help but appreciate.

WINNER is one of my favourite groups, so don’t think I automatically dislike them. It’s impossible for someone to like an artists entire back catalogue so I feel like people took what me and other people have said way too personally:

We don’t hate WINNER!!!

Tell me what you guys thought about this album – were you fans of it or did you share similar feelings to mine? Let me know how you guys felt down below!


Bye guys!


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