[REACTION] EXO-CBX – Blooming Day | Hana Rosey

Hey guys!

It’s been a minute since we all last saw EXO-CBX and I’m so very thankful they’ve made a new comeback. They bring an element of funkiness and colourfulness that EXO just doesn’t have as a group. And I’m all here for it!

BAEK has always been a bias wrecker for me and XIUMIN has become a problem area for me ever since he decided to come in all glowy-faced in “Lotto”. CHEN on the other hand…well let’s just say there’s a lot of people in the KPOP fandoms that aren’t happy with him at the moment. I won’t speak on this too much but – for me, it appears as if CHEN made a mistake, the only problem is that this is a mistake that shouldn’t be happening. Although I’m not directly offended by the contents of that V Live, I can’t ignore those who are.

ANYWAY! Check out my reaction below!

This song is fantastic! Having three men sing “Can I be your boyfriend tonight?” is really just not what I need in my life. The MV is great, this entire album is great everything is great.

What did you guys think of “Blooming Day”? And how did you feel about the whole V Live situation? Let me know how you feel down below!


Bye guys!


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