[REACTION] JACKSON WANG – Dawn of Us | Hana Rosey

Hey guys!

JACKSON has been a force since pre-debut and my Ahgase heart can’t help but be so overly proud of him for the work that he’s been doing, not just as GOT7 but also as a solo artist. He works so hard – from travelling to China then back to Korea on the regular but also the solo work he does for magazine shoots, interviews etc. He’s Wang Puppy – a cute lil creature that should be nurtured every step of the way. Anything other than that and y’all can just get away from me.

Check out my reaction down below!

Although I wasn’t overly fond of some of this song, I do appreciate the different styles that he’s brought out with the three solo songs he’s brought out so far. I wish he’d go more towards the direction of singing because I think he could really kill us all. I can’t wait to hear what he brings out next!

What’s your favourite solo song of JACKSONs? Let me know down below!


Bye guys!



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