[REACTION] BTS ‘Love Yourself: Tear’ FIRST LISTEN | Hana Rosey

Hey guys!

Well this was a fantastic yet painful video for me. What started out as 2 hours of footage was cut down to 30mins so it was hard for me to cut it down. If I could have it my way I would’ve posted the whole thing purely for the amount of pain I was feeling throughout the first listen.

Check out my first listen down below!

Even the thumbnail alone let’s y’all know how much this album hurt me and it still hurts me to this day. In retrospect, this album is one of their best. Not only does it have songs that are in a brand new direction for the group like “134340”, “Airplane Pt.2” and “The Truth Untold” but it also has songs that have a strong link to where they came from like “Anpanman” and “Outro: Tear”. In a nutshell it represents all the things we love about them.

My favourite songs on this album are “The Truth Untold”, “Paradise”, “Magic Shop”, “Airplane Pt.2” and “Outro: Tear”. I’ve warmed up to “134340” a lot since first listen but “So What” continues to puzzle me and I often put it in the back burner a little bit.

What did you guys think of this album? Let me know you’re favourites down below!


Bye guys!


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