[REACTION] NCT127 – Chain | Hana Rosey

Hey guys!

NCT being involved in anything is always going to make me go crazy but I was so unprepared for this MV. It’s been a minute since I stopped an MV and restarted it so you can imagine the inner turmoil I was going through that caused me to smash the pause button.

Check out my reaction below!

There were a lot of problems I had during this MV and for once it wasn’t Taeyong that caused it – though he was the reason why I paused in the first place.

Each and every member looked so good and they each had their own time to shine. If you’ve seen my other NCT reactions you’ll know that I’m a very vocal advocate for all members getting their own screen time and also parts in a song. And I’m happy this MV finally gave me what I’ve been after. Although it is still very Taeyong focused, seeing members like Win Win and Johnny get some choreo parts and lines made me feel a lot better than normal.

How did you guys like the song and the MV? Let me know down below!


Bye guys!


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