Hey guys!

It’s been a while since I posted on here as well as filmed for my Youtube channel so I thought it would be good to post what’s happening with me on here.

For those who do follow any of my social media accounts you’ll know it’s been a difficult year for me. If you’re not aware, I was off YouTube for around a month and a half at the start of the year due to my father suddenly passing away. While I do feel a little more comfortable with talking about it and being able to live my life day to day, I’d be lying if I said it hadn’t affected how I spend my time after work and during the weekends.

The amount of emotional tiredness I feel all the time is ridiculous which has unfortunately taken a hit upon filming and posting regularly. Twitter is really the only place where I post regularly now. It’s amazing how far grief can spread throughout your life.

Around a month ago my and my boyfriend of three years were the closest to breaking up we had ever been before – again, trailing back to the passing of my father. I felt like I wasn’t being made a priority for him as well as being made to feel like I was grieving by myself without any kind of support from him. We’ve grown to be very good at communicating with each other so we’re now at the point where we have sorted through that problem and are back to where we were before.

Now onto what will be happening with my reactions:

Because of the problems I’ve been having this year, finding time to film has been hard. Too hard. So I’ve come to a temporary conclusion. For the time being I will be stopping my reactions. I won’t be deleting my channel but I won’t be doing any reactions for a while. Well, until I find the fun I used to have while doing it. I will be posting on here more regularly (fingers crossed) and of course on Twitter.

I don’t know how long my absence from YT will be but hopefully I’ll get back to it eventually.


Bye guys!


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