iKON – “Killing Me” MV

Time’s like these are when I really miss filming reactions for YouTube. I have a solid handful amount of groups who are my favourites and iKON for sure is one of them. Their last comeback for “Love Scenario” continues to make me lose my mind, as well as the perfection of their album Return.

I, personally, would call myself an iKONIC, so you can imagine how excited I was when the MV was released as well as how much I was looking forward to listening to the album for the first time (the full album review will be posted soon.)

There are stand out aspects to this song in general. The track starts off with leader and rapper BIs vocals singing along to a creepy melody which perfectly fits such a title. There’s a common theme of an almost theatrical/carnival sound which is used through out the entire song which automatically evokes a haunting and melancholic feel. The verses tend to hold a lot more melodically before totally thinning out for the word “죽겠다” (eng: It’s killing me) at the start of the chorus, followed by the dance climax. After the first chorus the tone of the verses go up a few notes which adds to the drama and overall heartache they’re clearly singing about.

There’s an obvious link from this song to “Love Scenario” as they both address heartbreak. While “Love Scenario” speaks of an emotional break up in a sensitive way, “Killing Me” addresses a break up which causes nothing but haunting regret.

“It’s killing me
I turned around like you’re a stranger
But why am I so lonely?”

“Her existence is such a big part of my world
I try but I can’t take her out of it
Once I did take her off, I broke down
But I can’t tell myself to be ready to die
So it’s killing me”

“Why did I meet her?
Why did I choose this break up?”

It’s also important to note this song has no english in it, the first ever purely Korean title track from iKON to date.

While I am a trio-biased iKONIC – Hanbin, Junhoe and Donghuk – all seven members shine in their own ways in this particular song. The two members who I thought sounded beyond exceptional were Donghyuk and Yunheong, both contributing a certain amount of vulnerability to the song due to their natural vocal tones.

I enjoy how, because it is a dance-based song, they include some nice choreography. iKON could be the only dance-focused group under YG Entertainment but because of there somewhat inconsistent releases they haven’t been able to showcase this talent as much as they should.

Although dance-based tracks aren’t my favourite style, the catchiness and change of direction for 2018 iKON more than make up for it.

MV: 8/10
SONG: 9/10

What did you all think of iKONs “Killing Me”? How do you feel it stacks up against their past title songs? Let me know down below.

Bye guys!


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