Regardless on whether I’ve watched their reality show or not, the hype surrounding STRAY KIDS is extremely warranted and guaranteed – the music these boys keep producing is at such a high standard it’s ridiculous. I’m sure a lot of that credit goes to Chan but each and every member contributes to the group in their own ways. “My Pace” was so much better than what I was expecting which only adds to the excitement of listening to their album.

As I mention all the time – I haven’t seen their reality survival show, so the members names are still all up in the air. So please bare with me mentioning the standout moments from those members i do know throughout this review.

What I really like immediately is the seemingly continuous theme of their MVs so far. The opening few seconds has huge references to the District 9 MV – with the glitchy transitions and the security camera filters – so I was expecting another darkish concept and vibe from them. As soon as the MV switches from black and white to full on colour I had to pause….this was not at all like their last concept.

The rock-based sound at the intro is a reminder for earlier tracks SK has showcased in the past but other than that, the song takes on a hugely new and refreshing sound I’ve never heard from them before. With rapper Changbin coming in with the catchy hook to accompany the guitar riffs, the sound already sounds light and energetic. When the rest of the members come in to join the hook and bring with them the group choreography, the song comes into full effect.

Rapper Jisung is in charge of the first verse, who’s slow and well-paced rap paired with a change of tempo and music into pure bass, I am covered in goosebumps. Already the hip-hop focused verses pair well with the rock vibe of the intro and I’m given no other option than to enjoy the ride.

The prechorus and chorus offers a lot more melody which I enjoy. STRAY KIDS is a very rap heavy group so I do enjoy a moment when the vocals have a time to shine through. When Chan brings the first lines of the chorus, the existing genres are muted and a more electronic/dubstep sound is brought to the forefront. It doesn’t overpower, nor does it seem pointless – it’s an interesting addition to an already fire song.

I also want to point out the choreo in this part as well. Jisung in particular – in the running on the spot moment – gives me chills and I get hype every time I see that part.

Straight after the first chorus, the song goes back to the heavy bass sounds from earlier with a repeat appearance from the rap line. But as soon as Changbin comes in for his verse, I’m about ready to stop watching this damn MV. He brings such aggression and attitude and intensity to a song and his rap parts tend to be my favourite parts of a song.

Now, if y’all think Changbin is my bias due to that raving review you should think again. Felix. F E L I X . So you can imagine how much I lost my mind at the bridge, Felix’s time to shine and my moment to die. The music fell away and he came in, singing and not rapping, which was a great way to set up the final build up and chorus.

Overall, this song was above and beyond anything I thought the boys would be bringing to the table as their first ever comeback. Don’t get me wrong, I did have high hopes – their debut song and album were fantastic, this song was just different than expected.

MV: 7.5/10
SONG: 9/10

What did you guys think of “My Pace”? Was it what you were expecting or did they throw you through a loop with this one? Let me know down below!


Bye guys!


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