BTS – ‘Epiphany’ MV

Yes, I am fully aware that this review is way too late and by the time I’m writing this, the MV and album have been out for over a week. So, sorry for the lateness. I did want to write this anyway considering my own feelings when I initially heard this song were a little different than most ARMY so I thought it would be important to share something new.

When Jin’s intro was released I was on a two week holiday from work so stayed up until 3am (NZT) absolutely loving life. It shouldn’t be a surprise to you I’m a massive BTS fan and super into this whole storyline, parallel universes and time travel adventure we’ve been put through. I wasn’t sure what was going to come from this intro but I knew I was excited Jin had his own moment to shine.

At this point of this post, I’m unsure if I’ll talk about any of the theories or how they relate to the overall BTS universe – maybe I’ll just talk about the music and the lyrics… Just know I’m aware of the links, I acknowledge them and offer a well-deserved round of applause to whoever the hell created this storyline.

From the first few seconds, I knew I was in for an emotional rollercoaster – the first shot is of Jin #1 sitting on the couch with Jin #2 looking at his reflection in the mirror. When Jin #2 walks towards the door to leave, the slow building start to the song is upon us. A gentle and calming atmosphere has already been created which only intensifies my focus into what’s happening on screen.

As soon as Jin open’s his mouth to sing – I was doomed.

The music is very empty and allows Jin to have plenty of room to breathe. I also find his voice sounds pretty muffled, like he was standing too close to the microphone or something. It’s not a negative, it’s just something I picked up on.

When the song goes into the pre-chorus the music also starts to build as well. The brief moment of silence between the pre-chorus and the chorus was a really nice touch, too. The separation between parts automatically draws your attention and makes you focus on what happens next.

I’m the one I should love in this world.

This was one of the most heart shattering lyrics BTS has ever sung. Not only does it relate, in every kind of way, for this trilogy but relates to the Bangtan universe as well. The fact these lyrics are in the intro for their album Answer makes it even more meaningful. The first time I heard this song I was almost in tears for this part.

With the start of the chorus, the music is bigger, more orchestral and a lot of layering of vocals on top of each other. Colour also comes into the MV for the first time, a decision I’m sure is calculated and placed for a reason. As soon as the chorus ends, so does the intensity of the music.

Something important to note is the rain scene after the first chorus. There should be lyrics and vocals here but they decided to leave it empty with only the sound of falling rain to accompany the music. The music quickly drops away at the sound of thunder so all we’re left with is the sound of rain as Jin stares into the camera. Before the song continues, the shots of the rain falling down is reversed to go upwards. (I’m not going to go into those theories right now but I just want you to know this is a sign time is being reversed – Jin’s a time traveller.)

When Jin come’s back in with his vocals for another chorus, I have goosebumps all over. He comes in with no music initially but also in falsetto. The song also picks up in instrumentation, being more intense than the previous chorus. The vocalisations in this part of the song is amazing and I would expect nothing less from him.

Before the song ends, the colour drips away and its complete black and white again. We’re also left with only one Jin in the shot, in the same place as Jin #2 at the start of the MV – looking into the mirror. I can sense a theme here in relation to the black and white being the real timeline and the colour being an alternate one. Well, that’s what I think any way.

Towards the last 15 seconds of the MV, Korean words are shown. The translation is down below:

At the end of the journey to find myself, the place I reach is, in fact, where I had already been.

In the end, what I have to find is that which is the beginning of all things, the milestone: the map of the soul.

That which is with anyone, but cannot be found by simply anyone, I seek to begin searching for it from now.

-translation: douyou_bangtan

The part that upsets me right down to the core was the last 5 seconds of the music video – the glitch. It initially shows Jin standing by the truck from HYYH-era before glitching the other six members into place on and around the truck as well. These few seconds in relation to the quote above means so so so much! To me it means: in order for Jin to find out where things changed or where things went wrong, he needs to go back to the place when it all started – The Most Beautiful Moment in Life.

Time for honesty-hour after first listen:
Honestly, when I first saw this MV and made the links between their entire back catalogue I was upset. Not only did it explain a little bit to me but it also gave me a sense of closure purely from the lyrics relating to self love. The message alone is beautiful.
Another point I’d like to make about my feeling after first watch is that I was undecided about whether I liked the song or not. Twitter was ablaze with how amazing it was, how incredible he sounded and how stunning the MV was – all extremely factual points. But for me, the song itself was a little bit of a let down for me.
I’m not too sure if I was expecting the song to be a little more upbeat considering “Singularity” was a slow song but I was a little sad I wasn’t feeling the same way everyone else was. So much so, I didn’t watch it again and hopped off Twitter for like two days.

When I went back to watch the MV again a week later, I loved it! I don’t know if it was too much information to handle all at once or I was just expecting something else but I definitely got there.

This song is a shinning moment for Jin who clearly shows his vocal growth and maturity. I love how lyrically this song is mature and clean which is well-suited to Jin’s point of view on life but also the role he has in relation to the rest of the group.

Usually I’d leave little lyrical masterpieces when it comes to BTS but this entire intro has that level of perfection. I’m so proud Jin, proud of the message and forever thankful for the love and attention they have for their art.

My rating: 8/10

What did you think about Epiphany? How do you feel about the message and what parts about the song – visually or lyrically – do you take away from it? Let me know down below!


Bye guys!


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