MXM – ‘Checkmate’ MV

While the previous song ‘Ya Ya Ya’ was a lot better than I expected – see (here) for review – I’m still undecided about MXM. In the past they’ve had some okay songs but none that have blown me away yet. I’m thinking there may be some songs on the album which will sit better with me and I have all fingers and toes crossed that ‘Checkmate’ will give me a sense of who they are as a duo.

From the first five seconds, I’m sold. This song is what I was hoping for – a creative sound matched with an interesting concept (MV wise.)

I enjoy the black and white outfits and sets but I also like the bursts of colour for the close ups. It is a few levels higher than ‘Ya Ya Ya’ already and I’m only ten seconds into the song.

It does have the same kind of funkiness as ‘Ya Ya Ya’  and the prechorus is awesome. The small rap here is really nice and are actually my favourite parts of the song so far. The rapping was what I was missing from the last title so I’m happy to get a small taste here. I feel like it leads up to the chorus really well and I enjoy the repeating ‘Checkmate’ in the background.

But that break down in the bridge…. It does seem a little misplaced with the rest of the song but I like it anyway. It shows a bit of a tempo and melody change which is another thing I was missing from ‘Ya Ya Ya’ but I think it was a little too different. Again, I still liked it.

This song was exactly what I was wanting – the choreo was good, the music was good and the boys seemed to fit with this concept a little more than the previous title. It seems like they tried to show two different versions of themselves with this double MV release which is a cool idea. Personally, I prefer this more mature version.

My rating: 7.5/10

What did you all think of ‘Checkmate’? Out of the two titles – ‘Ya Ya Ya’ and ‘Checkmate’ – which did you prefer? Let me know in the comments below!

Bye guys!


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