I heard about WOODIE GOCHILD through the last season of Show Me The Money. While I did like his fun and happy vibe, I wasn’t overly blown away by him as an artist. This is entirely due to my preferences of hiphop in general and in no way is a personal dislike of his talent.

This review is also going to be a little different. In the past I have gone through each song and talked about what I did and didn’t like about it, solely based on first listen. For this album I did find I was talking about the same thing with each new song so decided to do an overview rather than a song-by-song review.




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WOODIE GOCHILDs first mini album #Gochild was released 24 August 2018 with triple MV releases “Lets Get It”, “Roll Cake” and “Cotton Candy”. I did express earlier that I wasn’t overly fond of GOCHILDs rap style but I went into this album with an open mind. Remember – this is my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt. While I wouldn’t come right out and say I hated this album there were moments where I felt overwhelmed with the repetition of some aspects.

A commonality with hiphop albums is the featuring artists and there are a few on this album who I’m a fan of – Hwasa, Jay Park, Penomeco and Sik-K are some favourites of mine. While I do appreciate what these artist brought to the song I think I was too overloaded with the hectic nature of the music to really take notice of their moments some of the time.

Like I said above, I was overwhelmed. These parts being the over-use of autotune. While I have mentioned in earlier reviews my love/hate relationship with autotune, I’ve discovered that after listening to this album I’m kind of sick of it. It’s clearly a creative choice GOCHILD has made, as well as being a common feature of his label mates under HIGHER MUSIC, I’m not a fan of it. There were moments when it was used well which I will mention later on but on the most part I found it to be both repetitive and predictable. Personally, I would’ve enjoyed a nice beat change or some kind of melody change in the songs so I was left a little worse for wear at the end of almost every song. For those who do like this feature of hiphop, by all means give this album a listen. But for my own personal music tastes I found it to be bit too much.

Clearly, the statements above can be viewed as negative so it’s time for the songs I did like.

The fourth track “Fly Me To My Town” feat. RAKON was really interesting as it was a lot different than the earlier ones having heavily influences of island-fusion beats. The only Western artist I can really think of who shows some similarities to this song is Drake, who I’m not a big fan of but you can hear the link clearly. I also like the vocals in the chorus which was another feature I hadn’t heard from the previous tracks – singing without autotune – and I really enjoyed it.

My two favourite songs off this album were “Cotton Candy” and “Muse”.

Sixth track “Cotton Candy” was the main reason why I wanted to listen to this album and I don’t know how much of that decision is purely based on Hwasa’s involvement. Like the two previous songs, this one is also island beat based and I enjoy how Hwasa’s sultry voice complements both the music and GOCHILDs verses. I like the break in the prechorus as well as the build going into the chorus. This is a song I could definitely hear in a club, too.

The last track “Muse” featuring Jay Park and Sik-K is another favourite. While the rest of the album is upbeat and straddles the line between trap and hiphop, this song is a lot slower and really, really good. Because of the slower pace of this song I found myself not hating the autotune on GOCHILDs verses. It’s a great way to end an album I wasn’t completely sold on.

While I don’t like being super negative about albums, I can’t help but voice my own personal opinion based on my own music tastes. I don’t want anyone to think I totally wrote off this album when that is simply untrue – yes, there were moments I didn’t like but there were also some really nice moments that I loved! To me, this album as a whole is a bit ‘meh’ but the three songs I enjoyed, I loved.

My rating: 5/10

What did you think about WOODIE GOCHILDs album? Did you have any favourite songs from it? If you agree or disagree with anything I’ve said above don’t hesitate in leaving a comment. I welcome all opinions (within reason) and would love to talk to anyone in regards to this review. Let me know in the comments down below or message me on Twitter!

I’m also going to leave the three MVs released with this album down below – I highly recommend “Cotton Candy”, it’s a great song!

“Let’s Get It” featuring Jay Park and Dok2

“Roll Cake” featuring Zene the Zilla

“Cotton Candy” featuring Hwasa

Let me know what you think of the MVs as well!


Bye guys!


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