While we’re all waiting for EXO to make a Korean comeback this year, the individual members have zero problems with releasing solo songs through SM STATION – a concept I absolutely love. With Lay doing his own solo work in China, Suho came out with a SM STATION song earlier this year, obviously this one from Baekhyun and a ChanyeolXSehun collaboration to follow this one.

As I mention above, I love SM STATION. Their releases are never what I expect and always rise above expectations. I do have some favourites from the past but this collaboration with Baek and Loco together in the same song… I immediately know I’m not ready for it.

Based on the teaser, the music sounds dark and almost haunting while staying heavily rooted in electronic hiphop with Baekhyun’s soulful voice on top… to be honest, I almost didn’t want to watch this one. I can barely deal with Baek when he’s part of EXO, let alone individually, so this is going to be interesting.

From Baek’s first note in the MV I take a deep breath and don’t let it out until I’m half way through it. I didn’t really think about how minimalistic this song could potentially be but boy was my body covered in goosebumps all through the pre-chorus and the chorus.

Loco’s typical rap tone was nice though I found the odd moments of rushed rap to be a little out of place. It’s a small thought and doesn’t affect how I feel about the song at all. I much prefer his second section of rap with Baek’s harmonies in the background – both elements layered were beautiful and perfect together.

Visually, Baek is exceptional as always, Loco is ever the cutie. While I know the standards of a typical SM MV, SM STATION MVs tend to be on a higher level in my opinion. The colours are always bright and well saturated, the quality of the filming is always exceptional and I’m once again reminded that SM make some of the best quality MVs in Korea.

I know this is a brief first look but it took me a whole 10mins to get through a 4 minute MV. That’s how stressed I was. SM STATION will forever keep producing quality music, with perfect collaborations and high-class MVs. I’m excited to watch Chanyeol and Sehun’s collaboration while I cry myself to sleep over the lack of EXO comebacks.

MV rating: 9/10
Song rating: 9/10

How did you all like this collaboration and/or song? Do you have any collabs you’re excited for? Let me know down below or leave me a comment on Twitter.


Bye guys!


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