NCT DREAM – WE GO UP Album First Listen + Review

I’m super excited to hear this mini album. I have already expressed in my “We Go Up” first look how I’m late to the DREAM party but the last two title tracks they’ve released have really impressed me. I don’t know what changed my opinion, maybe it’s their aging or the fact they can explore genres that are more my type of thing. Either way, I’m here now and love this particular direction for them.




Available on Spotify and iTunes!

NCT DREAMs second mini album We Go Up was released 30 August 2018 with title track of the same name. While I do enjoy they’re recent comeback concepts I’m very interest in what their future holds and how the group dynamics will change – especially with Mark leaving.

As I said in the into, I have already heard “We Go Up” – see (here) – which I loved immediately. Taking the visual aspects away from it, this song is youthful as hell and sounds like they had a fun time recording this song. After I listen to a title song I’m always interested in how it fits with the rest of the album – is it going to be similar sounding or are they going to surprise me.

Second track “1, 2, 3” is the song they promoted “We Go Up” with and I can hear the clear links between both songs. This one is also empty (like “WGU”) though they do add more melody and synths in the verses which I’ve assumed is a continuation from the title track. I’m hearing a lot of Haechan in this song which isn’t a negative at all, it’s just something I’ve noticed. It is catchy in the chorus and the break down in the bridge was amazing. To add to the empty comment I made earlier, the song is also thin. It doesn’t rely hugely on the bass which I like for variation purposes.

“Beautiful Time” automatically gives me summer vibes. Though slow in tempo, the electric guitar strumming gives me that holiday/relaxation type of feel. I wouldn’t say I’m blown away by this song but I do like its melody. The high notes after the bridge were really, really nice, too.

The fourth track is “Dripping”…. no, seriously – that’s the name of it! And your girl is terrified to say the least. Because, why do they have a song with this title???? But honestly, this song gave me craaaaaaaazy goosebumps. It’s closer to “Go” than any other song on this album while standing separately and on its own in comparison. This is the type of song I expect to hear from their NCT-elders because it low-key gives me flash backs of NCT127s “Whiplash”. I love this song so so much and would even go out to say it beats the title track for me – purely based on the surprise of first listen and my own personal music tastes. I also would like to see the choreography for this song so if they ever perform this live, please send me the links ASAP. Compared to my initial fear over the title name, my feelings have tripled to the point of never – and I mean never – wanting to read those english translations.

Compared to the shit show of the last song, fifth track “Dear Dream” is exactly what I needed to hear in order to calm down. With the title alone it does seem like it would be lyrically really nice and no doubt tug at a couple heart strings. The song doesn’t stray too far from the direction already put in place with the verses which is nice – theres no beat drops or dance breaks or any distractions from the lyrics and music. I also feel like this features a little more rap than what the other songs did. Melodically this song is beautiful and is definitely one of the tops for me.

Aside from “Beautiful Time” this album is good-almost-really-good. I feel like the songs were appropriate and didn’t drown out any of the members. I like how the album had a clear direction and went towards it full blast. It’s a nice album for Mark to end on for DREAM and, as I mentioned in the intro, I’m excited to see what DREAMs future holds with future releases.

My rating: 7.5/10

What did you all thing of this mini? Were there any songs that stood out for you? Let me know down below or leave me a comment on Twitter!


Bye guys!


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