For those of you who have seen my NCT related reactions on YouTube you’ll know NCT as a collective mess me up in a lot of ways. Though I am obsessed with 127 and U, I’m less so with DREAM. Unfortunately, their first song “Chewing Gum” annoyed me more than anything so I am late to the DREAM party. I am upset about it but these things can happen.

I only really started to connect to the DREAMies with “My First and Last” and “Go”, the latter one being a huge game changer for me. These little boys have grown into handsome young men and I’m here for all the voice changes and concept growth!

The teasers didn’t really give me any kind of information so I’m walking into this MV blind. I do have a bias, Jaemin, and the occasional other bias, Haechan, but I’m excited to see if they’re all going to throw me through yet another loop with “We Go Up”.

With the first 4 seconds of the MV I can already see similarities with “Go” which I love. But as soon as a wild Jaemin appears, I’m out! The hair, the melanin, his grown face – it’s all too much for me to handle. I did pause it for a couple of minutes, just to get a grip.

The beat is really nice with the bass being heavy but matched with the tinny percussion doesn’t make it too overwhelming. I love the beat change at the end of the verse as it leads into Mark’s verse really well. Mark, the boy who is about to graduate from DREAM and the man who needs to take a damn break. Honestly. How many 19 year olds do you know have done as much as he has within such a small amount of time. I do get concerned for his wellbeing a lot of the time yet I couldn’t see him excluded from all the comebacks he’s been a part of.

Like I mentioned above, the bass is really nice. What I am noticing though is there is very little melody included in the verses so I’m assuming that will kick in at the pre-chorus or the chorus.

As soon as Jisung’s verse comes in, I paused again. I don’t know what’s going on or who told him to grow up but he needs to stop. He’s not a bias. But he might become one if he keeps going. (Low-key: he’s grown so tall…and he’s not done sprouting yet so god help us all if we have another giant in NCT.)

When the pre-chorus starts, so does the melody – which I assumed would happen. Chenle with his green hair makes me want to squeeze his cheeks. He’s so adorable and the hair really suits him. Haechan however…I find it hard to talk about him. Ever since “Chain” was released I haven’t been able to look at him. His melanin, his vocal tone, just everything about him screams ‘I’m an adult, please let me be your bias’ which is upsetting to the entire infrastructure I put in place when picking biases.

The chorus sound matched so well with the choreography and it elevated the song to a higher place than I thought it could go. I wouldn’t say it tops “Go” but it’s almost there. The songs just so simplistic yet carried out in such an appropriate way.

The second time Jisung and Jaemin appear I’m spent. I’ve had enough. These babies are looking too grown, with their deep ass voices, and I love every second of it. Also, who let Haechan rap? I just want to talk to them about something…

Renjun has been a little in the background so far but when his smiley face makes its way to the front in choreo my heart warms. ‘YOU’RE DOING GREAT SWEETIE!’

Before I leave this first look I have one more thing to address : WHO TOLD THEM TO BE IN WATER. NOPE. NO. YOU BABIES WILL GET SICK! Okay, I’m done.

In a nutshell – I love this song. A lot. Yes, I know this first look is a little different than usual but it only seems to happen with groups I’m either a massive fan of or for MVs that shocked me. The entire song is left empty yet doesn’t feel like it’s lacking. From a creative standpoint this decision makes sense as it gives off a youthful and fun feeling which, paired with the MV, matches really well.

MV rating: 8/10
Song rating: 9/10

What did you all think of the MV and song? Was it what you were expecting? Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below or leave me a message on Twitter!


Bye guys!


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