SUNMI – WARNING Album First Listen + Review

After finally listening to “Siren” my excitement for Warning has grown exponentially. Since the release of “Gashina” I’ve been wanting an album. When “Heroine” was released I wanted an album. Now, we finally get one, albeit only small. I’m not too sure how the album’s going to relate to those two earlier releases – I’m assuming they’ll be cohesive considering they’re both on this album. Oh, I’m just so excited to listen to it!


ALBUM: Warning


Available on Spotify and iTunes!

Warning was (finally) released 4 September 2018 with title track “Siren”. Hopefully you should feel how excited I am to finally hear this album – I haven’t exactly hid it so far. I won’t be reviewing “Gashina” or “Heroine” here, but just know I love those songs to pieces, so this review is going to be really short.

What I love about SUMNIs voice is her ability to be a power vocal yet be breathy, have super sexy concepts yet be cute at the same time. With those two things on top of the incredible music I’m hoping for, this album has potential to be tops for me.

The intro “Addict” starts off with that creepiness we’ve already heard from “Siren” but when her vocals and the beat kick in I’m covered in goosebumps. As far as intros go, this song does the job well – it packs a punch and leads the listener in the direction of what the rest of the album has in store for us. Much like the chorus lyric I enjoyed so much from the title track, the words I can catch in “Addict” elicit the same kind of feeling – sassy, powerful and full of attitude. The beat and lyrics together make me freak out. I love it!

I have already heard and watched “Siren” – see (here) – which I did like in first listen. After I hear it again for the second time I find myself dancing along in my seat and loving it even more. The flow between the intro and this song is really good and seamless. I’m also understanding the weird music change in the bridge a lot more when heard minutes apart from the intro so it’s not so much as a problem as it was in the beginning.

Third track “Curve” uses some nice piano music and gives me a french cafe vibe with the combination of piano and synth. SUNMIs vocals are really nice through the pre-chorus. The repetition in the chorus reminds me a little of Lady GaGa’s “Poker Face” and I think it’s weird that I can hear that in this song. Although it is a different direction from the previous two songs I don’t find it being a negative to at the album as a whole. Personally, I feel the links in the music and like how it is different. It doesn’t beat the first two songs for me though – they’re still winning at the moment.

The next song is “Black Pearl” which immediately gives me slow retro feels. It does link “Curve” to the previous two songs as I can hear elements of the two differing sounds in this one song. The saxophone moment after the first chorus gives me life – I have a soft spot for the sax – making me like this song a lot more than before. Again, the top spots haven’t changed from the title and intro tracks. The only one left is the outro.

“Secret Tape” gave me elements of acoustic country with the simplistic music and muffled vocals. I do like it as a stand alone song but as a collective I’m a little iffy – I think it would’ve made more sense to me if I’d read the english lyrics first. In saying that, once more music and instruments get involved I understand it a bit more.

Overall, I think this album had parts of creative excellence which was nice to see. The only negative I can see is that it wasn’t long enough and “Curve” was the only song I was left unsure about. I’m not too sure how her music would’ve differed if she’d stayed under JYP but I think moving to another company has given SUNMI the opportunity to show some serious music that, in my opinion, stand apart from the rest of the music coming out of Korea right now.

My rating: 7/10

What did you all think of SUNMIs album and what were your favourites? Let me know down below or leave me a comment on Twitter!

Bye guys!


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