JIMIN PARK – JIMINXJAMIE Album First Listen + Review

I am so crazy excited to listen to this album. With the release of the spoiler to actually listening to “April Fools (0401)”, my feels are at 100. I also know she has a lot of features on this album which I do find strange yet am even more intrigued by JIMIN and how different she is for a JYP artist.


ALBUM: jiminxjamie


Available on Spotify and iTunes!

jiminxjamie was released 4 September 2018 with title track “April Fools (0401)”. JIMINs last album was in 2016 so fans of hers have been anxious over when she’d come back again. The fact she had to go off on ‘After School Club’ over JYP not giving her an album is incredible. Considering she was the host of said show, she has a lot of balls and I appreciate that. It speaks more for JYP as a company than who JIMIN is as an artist, too.

The first track and title song “April Fools (0401)” was fantastic – see MV first look (here) – and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. I’m excited to hear what the rest of the songs sound like in comparison to this one and how close they’re going to be genre-wise. I don’t really have an opinion over what direction I’d prefer for her to go in. I’m here for the ride, wherever she takes me I’ll be happy.

Second track “Do You?” features OLNL. I did mention in the intro that there are a few features which I love, OLNL being the first. This song has the same R&B vibe as “April Fools” with the same emptiness – which I’m living for! I like how the beat kicks in a little harder in the chorus before disappearing when the second verse comes in. I’m a fan of lighter verses and harder choruses so I’m loving this song. The bridge in particular is really nice and a great way to end this song. I do know the odd OLNL song and have heard his last album from earlier this year. I’m unsure about his voice as it’s real different from the norm but I don’t mind it in this song at all.

“Count You Out” comes in a little sexy with her vocal runs on top of a jazzy piano. The percussion is a little strange, I’m not too sure what it is but it does sound a little tinny. When the music kicks in for the pre-chorus an element of funkiness is brought in. This song is super jazzy and has great moments of stop-and-start instrumentals instead of a heavy bass for percussion. This song is just really refreshing and I enjoy it a lot.

Fourth track “PUTP” or “Pick Up The Phone” features KINO, WOODZ and NATHAN. This song does go towards that funkiness but there’s also a combination of other elements – brass and wind instruments and some electronic sound effects that I can’t really specify. The chorus is more R&B in the chorus, meaning the increase in bass, which makes the catchiness of the lyrics more evident. The craziness at the end of the song was also cool. (Something I noticed while listening is the reference to PENTAGONs “Shine” clearly because KINO is involved with this song. It’s not overly crucial to the overall song, but as a fan of PENTAGON and KINO as my bias, I love!)

Last track “Stars” features LambC, an artist I am also familiar with. Honestly, this song is what I assumed this whole album was going to be – slow, simple and very vocal. I’m not upset there’s only one song like this on the album, I more welcome this song as the final. I don’t really have anything else left to say about this song other than the fact I like it.

This album was so good and more than expectations. As I’m not familiar with her earlier music I had zero inclinations of what genre she fits in but what she showed in this album was great and suited her voice really well. I can’t pinpoint a song I like more than the others as they all were so so good individually and as a collective. I’ve been loving female artists at the moment and JIMIN PARK is no different.

My rating: 9/10

What did you all think of JIMINs return and do you have any thoughts on how JYP has represented her? Let me know down below or leave me a comment of Twitter!

Bye guys!


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