JOOHEON – DWTD Album First Listen + Review

After what feels like years and years, we finally have a mixtape from Jooheon. While I do like this current direction from him, I can’t help but be a little sad we didn’t get a mixtape from his last solo “Rhythm” – both styles are completely different yet I can’t help but be more drawn to the aggressive and darker version he brought to the table with “Rhythm”. In saying that – boy am I happy a mixtape even exists!




Available on Spotify and iTunes!

Jooheon’s mixtape DWTD was released 31 August 2018 with title track “Red Carpet” and supporting track “Should I Do”. Like I said above, I do prefer “Rhythm” as a concept more but I also can’t deny how much Jooheon in “Red Carpet” wants to take all my money. In my opinion, Jooheon is one of the best idol rappers – his verses in MONSTA X songs always end up being one of the standout parts – his pacing, rhythm, wordplay and the natural timbre of his voice makes him rise as a top tier rapper who’s talents should never be overlooked.

I have already listened to and watched the first, and supporting, track “Should I Do” – see (here) if you want to see my opinions on it. Without having any visuals to focus on, I’m more drawn to this song than I was before. I feel like I can see this song performed on a live stage so I’m interested to see if he performs any of these songs in their future concerts. I’m excited to see what the rest of the mixtape sounds like.

I’ve also listened to title track “Red Carpet” – see (here) – and I can already tell I like this song a lot more the second time through. I would even say this song now takes over from  how I felt about “Should I Do” post-first listen. There’s just something about the groove of this song that’s super light but groovy with an element of catchiness. It’s just an all around great song!

Third track “Kang Baek-ho” sounds like a MONSTA X b-side but with more swearing. I love when Jooheon raps like this with the music pairing with his savage rapping style perfectly. While I have my issues with auto tune, I feel like it wasn’t used too much therefore it didn’t really annoy me. This song is a total hype song as it fluctuates from high to low intensity with both the music and his pacing. So far, this song is a close second behind “Red Carpet” purely based on my own personal preference for Jooheon’s style.

Fourth track “Runaway” sounds like a song Jooheon could’ve done at Show Me The Money which is where I first came across MONSTA X. This is actually the song I was most excited for because of having KILLAGRAMZ as a featuring artist. My favourite thing about Jooheon is when he growls – I love that kind of ferocity in a rappers voice and because he does have a higher toned voice in general, I like it when he does bring in the growls. KILLAGRAMZ verse was really nice. I have had moments of dislike of his rapping style but it’s entirely dependant on the sound of the song but I really like him in this one. This song has overtaken “Kang Baek-ho” and is now my second favourite on the album.

Last track “Manito” sounds really good. I enjoy the use of the double bass throughout the whole song. Once again, Jooheon has fused a few different genres within one song and I’m all here for it. The song is a lot slower than the previous songs and I find myself focusing on his voice a lot more than the others and am drawn into it wholeheartedly. I’m happy he put a song like this on the album as it shows his artistry in a way we haven’t heard before.

Overall, I think this mixtape is really good and shows a good amount of Jooheon’s skills. I like the fusions of genres and how he was able to put his name on songs he worked so hard at. I know there was a lot of heat from people towards Jooheon and this mixtape which obviously does infuriate me. Music is supposed to bring people together so I never understand why some people find themselves spreading negative things about other artists. Anyway, I liked this a lot. I hope Jooheon is really proud of himself for this album as a whole because I know MONBEBE appreciate and love this man and this mixtape with all their heart.

My rating: 8/10

How did you all like this mixtape and do you have any favourites? What were your opinions on all the negativity surrounding the release of this mixtape? Let me know down below or leave me a message on Twitter!


Bye guys!


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