JOOHEON – “Red Carpet” MV

I’m so excited to see this MV. The teaser was promising a lot of things from not only the sound of the song but also of the visuals – with conflicting concepts, showing the dichotomy of Jooheon’s personality. I’m proud of him for finally releasing something with his own name on it and I can’t wait to hear the mixtape. But first things first. I need to check out this MV!

I’m a little shit-whipped going into this song and MV if I’m completely honest. The mixtape dropped half an hour earlier – usually things drop at 6KST – but the MV didn’t drop until 8KST. I don’t know if that was always the plan or maybe something weird happened but I’m a little confused about it.

Time to see what this mans has to offer.

From the get-go, I love the colour palette – black and white with isolated colour which does continue through the majority of the video. The beat also starts off quite relaxed and chilled so it is very similar to the teaser. But then the girl saying “Hey boy” made me come to my senses real quick before the actual song picked up.

A more acoustic sound is brought in, guitars mainly, on top of the same relaxed beat from the teasers and the start of the song. He also adds in the odd Jooheon-isms with his ad libs in the background which is a nice touch.

The colour palette remains soft and is almost solely pastel based which match well with his calm and almost sing-rap he does. I prefer his more aggressive rap style but this is a nice change. Jooheon may be a rapper but he can also sing. And does it well! So it’s a win-win situation right now for the first parts of the song.

There is a sequence which I quite like. It’s when the visual changes from the pastels into the more scrapbooking technique. For some reason I really like it. Upon closer inspection I’m realising this sequence is using parts of Jooheon’s face from their various comebacks. Not only does this excite me aesthetically but my MONBEBE heart is torn to pieces.

From what I can understand, the lyrics in english are beautiful so I’m going to have to find some translations to the entire mixtape ASAP – Jooheon being soft in any type of way is my favourite.

Halfway through the MV, the song stops and switches gear. Not completely though as it does keep the same tempo and beat as the first half but the bass has been kicked up a little bit as well as his tempo and voice projection. Actually, his styling, the colour palettes and the transitions between shots seems to have picked up along with the slight change before drifting back to the original sound from the start.

Remember at the start of this review I did mention Jooheon’s dichotomy. He’s known as a fierce rapper but, when he’s not on stage, is a fluff ball. Both parts of his being are shown through this MV. I acknowledge it, I appreciate it and I support it.

It’s not a style I would’ve thought he’d go in but I am happy he did so. It’s a nice chilled song with a visually accurate depiction of who Jooheon is. I can tell by this creative artistic choice that he’s changed a lot since his last mixtape single. I enjoy seeing an artists progression and this song shows that he’s grown to be a lot more comfortable and confident in his artistry.

MV rating: 8.5/10
Song rating: 8.5/10

What did you all think of “Red Carpet”? How do you feel about it in regards to how he is in MONSTA X and his previous mixtape release “Rhythm”? Let me know down below or leave me a comment on Twitter!


Bye guys!


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