JOOHEON – “Should I Do” MV

While I watched and wrote my first impression of “Red Carpet” as soon as it was released, I’m watching “Should I Do” a few days after it was released. Thankfully, by the time I’m watching this MV I still haven’t listened to the album so it’s worked out quite well.

From the thumbnail alone, I’m feeling like “Should I Do” is a lot closer to “Rhythm” both in music video style and maybe even the sound. I have said before that I prefer Jooheon when he raps savagely so I am anticipating this song a lot.

Straight away, the song sounds dark and towards the hip hop I enjoy. The MV looks to be low quality which I actually like. “Red Carpet” was high-quality, this one less so. Again, a smart way to show Jooheon’s duality which I very much appreciate.

When he starts rapping I know I’m going to love it – it’s exactly what I was expecting as it’s slightly less finessed and more aggressive. When the music dies away and he starts rapping acapella… goosebumps!

There are a lot of little things musically that I enjoy. The mouth pops used in the background as some kind of percussive effect is super creative and I enjoy how unique it makes the song sound. The introduction of the traditional instrument is great as well, fusing the current trend of hiphop with his own rich culture.

Though the MV is simple, I still enjoy it. For some reason I feel like it was a smart decision to do so for this song. Where “Red Carpet” may be more sentimental and commercial, “Should I Do” feels like its more personal for Jooheon. (I haven’t read any lyrics yet so it is just my assumption based on the sound of the song and the way Jooheon uses his voice.)

I didn’t see too much about this song on my Twitter timeline so I don’t know how well it was received. I personally prefer the sound of “Red Carpet” more but I enjoy Jooheon’s rapping in this song – purely out of personal preference.

MV rating: 7/10
Song rating: 8.5/10

How did you all like “Should I Do” and how did it compare to “Red Carpet”? Let me know down below or leave me a comment on Twitter!


Bye guys!


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