PENTAGON – “Naughty Boy” MV

I am so excited PENTAGON is back! I obviously do have some opinions about the whole E’Dawn drama and have thought about writing about it here but I got too angry so just left it alone. I also won’t say anything about it in this review or the first listen I will write once I’ve finished watching this – I don’t want to take attention away from these poor boys who’ve had to deal with a lot and support them instead.

Although I don’t talk about it enough on Twitter – I love PENTAGON! Their song “Like This” is my favourite of their title songs and “Shine” is for sure one of the best songs from 2018. I know it’s a terrible thing to say but because of how big “Shine” was, I’m anticipating and expecting a lot from this song. While I know that’s unfair to the boys and does put them under a lot of pressure, it’s likely I’ll love this song regardless of if it beats “Shine”.

Straight away, I’m annoyed – there’s whistling. I really dislike whistling and I wish it was for a cooler reason than the fact I can’t whistle and am upset and jealous of those who can. With that aside, the song sounds light and fun as the members are introduced through single shots of them pulling frog poses.

I feel like the first part, KINOs, was written for E’Dawn. It does hold a strong resemblance to “Shine” with the introductory aspect but I like how KINO goes straight into what I’m assuming is going to be the chorus – with a little HUI-harmony to continue the mood. It sounds crazy catchy with cute choreography to match.

What’s obvious through the pre-chorus, visually, is the heavy reference to frogs which I’m assuming has some kind of Hangul double meaning. (Fun fact: I don’t like frogs. Their stickiness freaks me out.) For some reason the MV is very playful and childish which I actually quite like as a concept for the group – they have a lot of cute members but their vocal line is so strong and falls within the higher spectrum of things so they can easily pull it off.

WOOSEOK starting the chorus, with his crazy green hair, is actually the best thing so far. I love me some WOOSEOK so my goosebumps are going crazy right now. Everything I’ve already mentioned – the catchiness, the cute choreography, the overuse of the frog reference and it’s childlike sound – are all brought together in the chorus. While it isn’t as catchy as “Shine” was, it does have it’s own weight in that aspect. I will no doubt be singing “개구리” long after I’ve finished watching this.

I always love YUTO in their title tracks and this song was no different. I just love him so much. But he’s not my bias, I swear.

This song was super fun with great moments of the whole group singing. While I did miss the cuteness of YANAN, the rest of the members dealt with that gap in their own way. I like how playful it was and how they all looked like they were having fun regardless of if their whole group was present or not.

I’m so proud of how these boys are handling things. I hope everything works out and people continue to support them. They have a fresh concept and their artistry, based on the songs they’ve released, is so different from other newer groups.

MV rating: 8/10

Song rating: 9/10

How did you all like this song and MV? How do you feel in regards to how it stacks up against their earlier title songs? Let me know down below or leave me a message on Twitter!


Bye guys!


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