PLT – “Igoholic” MV

Guys, PLANETARIUM RECORDS has comeback with a new song and I for one am ecstatic. PLT is a group that should be at the forefront of Korean hiphop and R&B right now so I urge everyone to check out their last couple of albums as well as their individual songs and albums.

While I never know what to expect from PLT, I’m excited I get to see my boy JINWOO and my new favourite VILLAIN. I’m yet to warm up to the other members though I do like their voices when I hear them. I don’t know what direction this particular song will go in but I’m going to put it out there – I’m going to love it!!

And JINWOO is starting the song off!! Although with heavy autotune on his voice, during what I assume is the chorus, I don’t mind it too much. It mixes well with the intensity and sudden start of the song. I can’t help but break out in goosebumps as I nod my head along.

Because the MV is filmed in some kind of warehouse, the palette is pretty grey yet well lit which allows a moment for each member to have their own moment to shine. And if I’m not mistaken… is this a one shot MV?! Because YEEEEEESSSSS!

I love how the music sounds borderline haunting yet paired with a really heavy hiphop beat.

VILLAINs english verse is so good I can’t even control myself when he uses his full voice. I just love the way he sings regardless of using autotune or not. I love it all!

This is for sure a one shot MV, simple yet packs a punch. It’s a different style than any of their other title songs so I was left super interested and invested in what was happening on camera as well as through my headphones.

PLT is a collective that needs more attention and needs more people to celebrate the amazing music they all generate (as a group and individually). In 2018 so far, PLT is the best discovery I’ve made and I can’t wait to hear the music they’ll bring out in the rest of the year.

MV rating: 9.5/10
Song rating: 9.5/10

How did you all enjoy “Igoholic”? Have you heard of PLT before? Let me know how you enjoy the collective down below or leave me a comment on Twitter!


Bye guys!


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