JACKSON – “Made It” MV

My excitement for this new GOT7 album is off the charts! While I am prepared for how much it’s going to affect me, I wasn’t ready for the way they’re going to lead up to it. Meaning: I didn’t know there would be mini MVs for the solo songs (which, can I add is amazing) and I can’t help but wish they’d release full length MVs.

I’m uncertain whether they’ll release the MVs in the order of their placement on the album but if not, I understand why they let JACKSONs out first. He is the most known member and I also feel like his song is going to be very ‘Jackson’ sounding. In his past three solo songs, they’ve all had a clear genre and relate to each other nicely. It’s not my favourite genre of music (borderline trap) but I’m excited to listen to this song and see the MV regardless.

Within seconds, I know this song is exactly the style I thought it’d be in. Trap. Trap, trap, trap. But I’d really appreciate if he put a shirt on – I’m trying to focus on the song, Jackson.

Regardless of the heavy trap, the chorus made me freak out as it took on a more sinister and edgier approach to the genre and pretty much sounds like JACKSON flipped out a little bit. He is known for his deep and husky voice so when he does go a little harder it’s noticeable.

Wow, he’s handsome. In the darker of the two sets in this MV – he’s sooooo handsome. But again, put a shirt on Jackson.

Now while I’m not surprised at the sound of it or the element of repetition it has I am surprised at the undertones of the song. I did mention it before that the song did take on an edgier tone to it as it leads into the chorus so that really surprises me. I like how he is branching out a little bit but I’m still undecided about the song.

Whenever I feel a type of way about a bias groups song, I find it really hard to not bring in a biased opinion – like, even though I don’t like trap am I going to rant good things about it because JACKSON did it? So I’m a little confuzzled about my feelings here…

I’m just going to do it.

This song was not a surprise. I did enjoy the small moments within the MV and liked the increase in intensity of the chorus. I’m interested in hearing the full version to see how far he does stretch that intensity out and whether it’s solely for the chorus. Aside from that, the song was a little average for me. I’ve been vocal before on trap and I’m not going to change that opinion because GOT7 and JACKSONs name has been attached to it. It’s a typical JACKSON sound and I am happy he’s found a clear direction for his music, I just wish he’d gone in a bit of a 180 direction for his solo, purely for a variety standpoint.

MV rating: 8/10
Song rating: 6/10

I very rarely apologise for the opinions I have about particular music but when it’s in reference to my bias groups – I have to apologise. If you have any differing opinions or any of your own words to share, let me know. I always welcome a dialogue on my blog so feel free to let me know how you feel about what I’ve said. But while I do welcome interaction – good or bad – I don’t tolerate rudeness or negativity so edit your words before you leave a comment. I will have no hesitation in deleting said comment and reporting. This is a nice and welcoming space, please respect others.


Bye guys!


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