BAMBAM – “Party” MV

I’m ever so curious about BAMs solo song. In his past GOT7 contributions, he’s shown a wide and unexpected range when it comes to the sound of his songs. But with a title like “Party” I feel like he’s going to go in a different direction again.

BAMs always been a big question mark to me as an artist – I never know which direction he’s going to go. I know he does have some involvement in songwriting for his own raps in their past few albums which he does have a clear formula and sound with those. I’m more meaning the sound of the songs he’s produced. The past two albums he’s released songs that were so different from each other so I’m curious whether he’s going to make another song that sounds like either of those or attempt a brand new genre entirely.

The first ten seconds intrigued me and I liked the direction it was heading but when the EDM beat was brought in I stepped back a little. EDM isn’t my favourite genre so I’m expecting this to go downhill very fast.

And it does.

So, just based on sound I don’t like a lot about this song. From the EDM sound to the autotuned vocals – I just don’t like it. Now that I’m halfway through the MV I kind of understand why he did a song like this as I feel like it’s closer to his personality than any of the other songs he’s done. But I think that’s why I liked his previous songs a lot, because they were unexpected.

Honestly speaking, I like how the verses breakdown minus the strong EDM featured in the chorus so that’s a plus. But the autotuuuuuuune. I just don’t like it. Urgh, I hate how negative this review has become!

What I do like about this is the MV. BAMs just straight ballin’ and I love it – from the dapper suits to his glow up JESUSSS and those three guys he has with him. I don’t know if he knows them personally but they’re hilarious! Let’s have a moment for the diversity, shall we!

Another thing I actually like is the vocals of the chorus when he sings “Alright, just me”. Even though he does use autotune, I like how it sounds more like his actual voice. I also feel, purely because of this part, that this song will actually grow on me a little bit.

Wow, I’m a mess of hypocritical opinions and I’m confused about myself.


While I felt bad for my opinions on Jackson’s solo, I feel less bad for the opinions I have for this song. He combines two things I don’t really like – EDM and autotune. To me, I feel like he tried to be very Western sounding. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, I just feel like it needs to be done in the right way. This was just too similar to the songs I’d hear on the radio in New Zealand and I honestly was expecting and wanting a lot more from BAM. What I do like is that he’s just living his life and having fun in the MV. We all know he’s a little shit and is very cocky at times so I like how you could see that in this MV.

MV rating: 6/10
Song rating: 4/10

Like I said in my Jackson review, if you have any opinions in what I’ve said about, don’t hesitate to let me know. I’m open with differing opinions and I think it’s important to have opposing views as it opens an interesting dialogue between people. What I don’t enjoy is rudeness so make sure you have a clear standpoint and word it in a constructive way. For those wanting to start trouble I will have no problem with deleting your comment and reporting your account. For those who do want to start a dialogue, let me a comment below or write to me on Twitter!


Bye guys!



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