YOUNGJAE – “Nobody Knows” MV

With only one rapper left to watch, I’m happy I can have a break and focus on a vocal. And what a vocal it is! YOUNGJAE has one of the most powerful voices in K-Pop at the moment and I love hearing him let rip when given the chance.

While I wouldn’t say I’m a big fan of his songs on SoundCloud (Ars) but I do like his lyrics and emotion. I am excited to see what he does with this song – whether it’s going to be SoundCloud sounding or an improvement on what he’s already established.

Like the other two solo’s I’ve watched, I won’t be focusing on the lyrics in this review but will do in the album first listen and review. It’s going to kill me that I can’t look at the translations straight away but I’ll save it for then.

By the looks of the thumbnail, this song looks sad. From the title, it seems sad. Sad songs are my favourite. But when my favourites sing said sad songs….mmmm I don’t feel good.

Yep. This song is sad and I’ve had to pause it after ten seconds. I don’t….I don’t know if I can watch this. It seems like he’s going to wail pretty hard in this song so I need to prepare myself…


OMG, he is so handsome walking down the tunnel, which is an interesting image. I’d be interested to see what the lyrics are to figure out what this all means. Hopefully he speaks on the song a lot more in their VLive comeback show.

The song is suuuper slow and definitely sounds like his SoundCloud songs. But what I was hoping for happened – this song seems like an improvement of those he’s already let out. It’s slow building, personal and obviously emotional so it has huge potential in completely exploding in the most beautiful of vocal moments.

YOUNGJAEs voice actually sounds a little different in parts. There are moments where he seems a little more whispery and he changes the melody through parts of the verses. I’m pleasantly surprised and I cannot wait to listen to the whole thing on the album.

The chorus gave me chills when he comes in with the lyrics “Nobody Knows” which makes me curious about what he’s singing about. Nobody knows what, Youngjae?” I’m honestly expecting this song to tear me apart lyrically as the music, vocals and visuals are all pulling at some kind of emotion that makes me feel a little uncomfortable. I am watching this in front of a lot of people so maybe that’s what it is.

With such amazing vocals as the BGM for such a sad shot and concept of the teddy bear in a glass box makes me want to cry. I know exactly what this is referring to – the preservation of childhood or youth. And I am falling even faster into how much this song is going to kill me.

Visually, this MV is the best. It tells a story and a very important narrative. I love this whole idea of ‘youth’ as a concept. I like that more and more groups are addressing issues that occur at such a difficult time and I can only imagine how songs like this would help people. Seeing as I’m not classed as youth anymore, I can only appreciate the song empathetically. I can already tell – this one might be my favourite off the album.

I wasn’t expecting this song to excite me so much but I’m in love with the visuals, with the vocals and just the all around direction YOUNGJAE takes me in. I didn’t know it was going to be as amazing as it is and I’m so proud of him for coming out with a song like this. I hope he’s proud of himself because I sure am – and I haven’t even heard the full version yet!!

MV rating: 10/10
Song rating: 10/10

I know, I gave this song top marks. Hopefully that will give you an idea on how much this song messed me up. I love this song, I love him, I love JYP for giving them the opportunity to have their own solos. I love it ALL. Let me know how you thought about the song and the MV below or leave me a comment on Twitter.


Bye guys!


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