JINYOUNG – “My Youth” MV

If I had any amount of fear for these solo songs I knew it would be for two members – JB, because he’s my ult and the work he’s doing on SoundCloud is super R18 which I love – but also for JINYOUNG, who’s songwriting and composing skills mess. me. up. Unlike any of the other members, JINYOUNGs songs make me emotional and the fact this song is called “My Youth”…. pray for me, children.

I don’t know what it is about his songs but I connect to them more than any of their other songs. He knows how to tug at my heart strings. I also am interested in how much this song is going to sound like a JJ PROJECT song. I already see the links between them but I’m curious over the sound.

As soon as JINYOUNG starts singing, I have goosebumps. The way he uses such a breathy voice takes me straight back to Verse 2 and I’m in love. The harmonies and the way he slowly delivers the words make me feel like he could be almost nostalgic which ties into the title of “My Youth”.

When the song picks up a little, it does move a bit away from the direction I was thinking it would continue to but I can’t dislike it. When a JINYOUNG song comes on I can’t help but just sit back and watch him work. I’m the premium audience for a JINYOUNG  song so I’m loving life right now.

The chorus is beautiful. I maintain that JINYOUNGs vocal growth since debut has been one of the best in GOT7 and him hitting this chorus with such power and effortlessly reaching those high notes gives me goosebumps.

In the MV, the changing images between adult JINYOUNG and child JINYOUNG is really cool. I’m assuming the song is all about wanting to become a child again but I love how both JINYOUNGs were used. This is another song I can’t wait to read the lyrics to.

While the rest of my reviews have been a little longer than this one, don’t interpret it as I like it less. For me, JINYOUNG is the pinnacle of songwriting in GOT7 (while JB is the strongest with composing) at this stage anyway. He has a way of messing me up with every single song he’s credited with and for this song, I couldn’t help but just sit back and watch him do his thing. What I enjoy about JINYOUNG is his ability to either make me cry, or make my heart hurt. “My Youth” made my heart hurt. So, so good!

MV rating: 9/10
Song rating: 9/10

What did you all think of “My Youth” and how have the past few songs stacked up for you? Do you have any favourites so far? Let me know down below or leave me a message on Twitter!


Bye guys!


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