With a title like this from a man like this – I don’t know if I’m going to be fine. YUGYEOM is my second GOT7 bias so I can see myself fainting over this song. Also, is this song going to sound like his SoundCloud? Because if so, we all getting pregnant.

YUGYEOM and JBs songs on SoundCloud are what I call ‘baby making music’ so I’m super interested in whether JYP let this baby make a song similar to his solo work. I kind of hope so, but my heart isn’t ready. Ok, let’s do this.


So the first 5 seconds and the intense eye contact were crazy! But as sooooon as the beat came in, I had to pause it and walk shit off for a second. This song sounds EXACTLY like his SoundCloud and I’m both super happy and super angry about it. WHY DO WE NEED SUCH A SONG ON A GOT7 ALBUM, HUH?!

I didn’t even think we’d get any choreography in this song, even though it is from YUGYEOM, I just didn’t even think about that being an option. He is indeed a dancing king and he’s actually my favourite idol dancer. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that before.

While I do love me some idol dancers, my own personal taste of hiphop dancing being the top, YUGEYOM kills me like no other. (There are a lot of other favourite dancers too, hiphop dancing is just my favourite so I’m not overlooking any other main dancers in other groups.) The intensity of this dance is just screaming ‘I need to see a live performance of this’ so I hope their solos will be shown on a live stage at a later date.

When I said in an earlier review that JINYOUNGs voice is one of the voices that has grown the most, YUGYEOMs is the other one. He has a unique high tone and they use it in really good places. My favourite pre-chorus’ of GOT7s is when YUGYEOM does them. I don’t know why but I feel like his voice is perfect for it. This song shows such a strength in his voice and I’m proud of him for showcasing it in this way.

While this genre was expected from him, I can’t bring myself to be fully upset about it. I did want another colour to YUGYEOM but because he isn’t a main singer, I’m happy he did what he wanted to do. This song is prime ‘baby-making’ and I can’t bring myself to hate it. He’s an adult now and he’s showing the world what a giant man can do, with his limbs going everywhere and his voice hitting all the right places.

YUG baby, I’m proud of you. But please stop humping the floor. I don’t think I can deal with this any more.

MV rating: 8/10
Song rating: 8/10

What did you all think of “Fine” and was it a sound you were expecting from YUGYEOM? Let me know down below or leave me a comment on Twitter!


Bye guys!


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