JB – “Sunrise” MV

Guys, what am I going to do? This mans is my favourite of all favs. He’s the pinnacle for me. So please help me out and tell me – HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO REVIEW THIS ONE?! I’m just so ill-prepared to even watch this and I just… I don’t think I can do it.

So, the MVs been out for around an hour now and I still haven’t brought myself to watch it. I just can’t. I’ve stayed away from my TL on Twitter to avoid spoilers. Actually, I won’t even go near my phone. How am I going to do this?

UPDATE: It has now been two hours and a few people have sent me messages that I have to watch it ASAP which means two things. 1) the songs is fantastic and 2) I’m gonna die. So now, I HAVE TO WATCH IT! I love putting myself through this kind of pain so….here we go!

Is this song going to sound like his ‘baby-making’ SoundCloud songs or is it going to sound like a GOT7 by JB song. I don’t know what to expect but I’m happy with either one.


Here we go.

I’m going to do it.


Right, well. Shit.

It was a little up in the air for what direction he’ll go in for the first 15 secs but when the beat and his voice come in – GOOD LORD IT’S HIS SOUNDCLOUD!!! And I’m dealing with it not very well. Like, whyy.

The song is super slow and sexy with his voice being a little breathier than I’m used to which is nice. I like a mans who shows variety in his vocals so it’s nice. I feel like the vocal and the music are just gearing up to have a hectic beat drop or he’s just going to let his huge and powerful voice out which, either one, will make me spiral into a breakdown.

The MV is so beautiful. Like, way more beautiful than the other MVs. I don’t know if this was done on a set or actually in nature but I love it so much. The smoke with his silhouette, the cuts to landscape shots. It’s all really beautiful and fits with the sound of the song as well as with the title.

“I wont let you go” is what he said. Why he said it, I don’t know and I don’t care. He’s just telling the world he won’t let me go so I’m not complaining!!

50secs into the MV is the first time we get a close up of his face which tells me that he’s playing with us and that he’s dragging this shit out. This is yet another thing that confirms something big is about to happen.

And it does. He switches up his power leading into the chorus, letting his voice out in full power.



It’s been a looooong time since I’ve heard him pull a falsetto like this. Actually, I don’t remember any songs where he’s sung falsetto like this and what a song to do it in. I don’t know what the lyrics are but I feel some type of way with this song. He’s just too much for me when he’s like this and I’m having hard time continuing with this MV.

But wait.


I think I saw something on the TL about his hair being blue but the filters and shots used in this MV hid his hair colour. But I think I saw it!!!

Ok, I think I understood some of his lyrics. I think he’s saying “You are my sunrise” and also “You are my angel”…. I can’t be sure, but I think think that’s what he’s saying. (Give it up for my understanding of Hangul!!!!) This bitchass is trying to serenade me and it’s bloody working.

I’m upset the MV isn’t longer. I’m upset about the sound of it and I’m upset he used falsetto. Why does he look like that. Why does he sound like that. And why did JYP approve such blasphemy???

This song sounded like how I wanted it to but also threw in some unexpected things. The whole direction of the song is beautiful and it almost sounds like a love song which is refreshing. I’m used to JB being a little more on the sad side of songwriting so it’s nice to see him switching it up and just making a song of love (I’m assuming is a kind of love song, but I could totally be wrong.) The MV, the sound – it was all beautiful. I’m going to need to listen to this song with my over-ear headphones when I listen to the album because I know this one’s gonna make me cry over it’s beauty.

MV: 10/10
SONG: 10/10

Call me biased, I don’t care. This song is exactly what I was expecting while being nothing like how I was expecting. I’m a fan of the direction he took us in and I’m always here to support the music JB is involved in.

What did you all think of “Sunrise”? Was my review hard for you to read? hahaha I really did try and keep things semi-professional but when it comes to this man….it was hard. Let me know how you feel down below or leave me a comment on Twitter!


Bye guys!


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