Time for the final solo song and I’m super tired. The previous six members have had zero mercy on me and I’m sick of it. MARK is the only member I’m genuinely clueless about. I have no idea what genre it’ll be in and whether he’s going to rap or sing.

I’m expecting this song to be similar to the other two rappers songs. I know Jackson has something to do with this one so I’m assuming it’s going to be a similar sound to his. I’m not implying this as a bad thing because the way MARK performs and executes this song is going to be a big game changer – I’ve never hear MARK on a Jackson-sounding song so my opinions and preferences are left at bay.

The two things that occur to me in the first five seconds of this song is “Wow, it sounds different than I was expecting” and “My god this MV is pretty.” MARK standing in front of that wall with beautiful shots projected on it is so beautiful. The colour palette and the simplicity of it are amazing. I can’t help but see similarities between JBs MV and this one.

When he goes into “This is for my dream, this is for my love” at the very start I’m beginning to feel the Jackson influence. It’s not an overly obvious thing right now but I can feel some similarities here. I’m also not surprised that the whole intro is in english. The language it could be in didn’t even occur to me so I feel a little silly I didn’t give this aspect much thought. He does combine a lot of english with hangul which is nice.

He does seem like he’s singing a lot though. But like, sing-rapping. I’m not complaining about it because I think he does it well. I wish he would be a little more melodical with it though because there’s something about his deep tone on top of the music that doesn’t sit right with me. Maybe he’s gearing up to sing, I don’t know. It’s not a negative, just something I’m noticing.

The switch of music and the whole rhythm of the song in the prechorus is really nice. He seems a little more comfortable here and I can hear it in his voice. I’m genuinely scared of what the chorus is going to be because it’s usually around this point that an artist either pulls me in or I fall back.


When he goes into the chorus with “This is for my dream” and there’s some serious vocal harmonies and layering, I’m covered in goosebumps. I didn’t know this was what it was going to sound like but I did feel like he was gearing up for something. This was it.

He’s more focused on following the melody which is really nice and it makes the chorus probably my favourite from the solo songs. It sounds like a very empowering song and once I see the lyrics I feel like it’s going to be full of how proud he is for how far he’s come which warms my ahgase heart.

MARK does such a good job in this song. While I was a little iffy in the verse, he brought me back with the pre-chorus and the amazing chorus. He sings so well here and I can’t help but be absolutely shit-whipped by it. This solo is the biggest shock to me, in all the good ways, which makes me love it even more. I’m proud of how different this song is and how much he must’ve worked to execute it like this. It’s definitely one of the top songs for me.

MARK, you did so good!! We’re proud of you!

MV: 9/10
SONG: 9/10

What did we all think of MARKS “OMW”? Were you all expecting it to sound like this? Let me know how you feel down below or leave me a message on Twitter!


Bye guys!


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