GOT7 – “Lullaby” MV

Surely, surely, from the last five days you would know how much I love GOT7. For those of you who don’t know, they’re the group that got me into K-Pop and are one of three ultimate bias groups. I’m ill-equipped to deal with anything too intense right now though not watching this thing as soon as it releases is completely ludicrous. I must watch it!

So you’ll have to excuse me. The following review may end up being a lot of capital letters, a lot of bold font and just an all over mess. I won’t deny that this isn’t a possibility, I’m just warning you this is probably going to happen.

The teaser was really catchy with the main part being purely in english – this was probably why I found it so catchy. I like the colour palette of pastels and I’m just super excited to see the thing. I’m a little upset over JB not having written this song as he has done well with their past couple of comebacks but surely there’s a reason for it. I don’t think they would’ve done a title song they didn’t enjoy.

Urgh, ok. Here we go.

The opening shot of the silhouettes while they’re doing choreography is beautiful but I soon learn it’s the calm before the storm as all the members are slowly introduced one by one.

Whoever told them to have a voice saying “Are you ready?” in the background is a dick.

No, I am NOT ready.

When the beat comes in, so does Jackson. And god his hair looks so good! I don’t know why I was assuming his hair in “Lullaby” would be the same as “Made It” but a girl is shocked right now. I love an undercut. And some light hair. Jackson has both. And matched with his deep voice opening the song and the precision choreography…he’s working it!

Mark. Jesus. I’m not sure what’s going on with me and him at the moment but I’m having a really hard time with even looking at him. Maybe it’s his hair, maybe it’s the confidence he seems to be radiating or maybe it’s how much I loved his solo MV. Any of those options is fine by me. I need to look away.

Bambam. He just keeps getting more and more handsome. For me, “Never Ever” was a great era for him but this one seems to be peak Bam. He looks like he’s having fun with this concept and the choreography as well which shows.

Ok, I’m really trying not to talk about each and every member but it seems like that’s exactly what I’ve done. I wasn’t meant to!


I don’t know if it’s the pre-chorus or if its the end of the verse but when JB starts, the beat changes into a more house-based sound which I actually really love. I don’t like EDM/house-based music most of the time, but I think the way this was executed was really good. I also can’t help but wonder if Yugeyom’s going to have a moment to shine in the live stages – this is his dancing forte after all.


JBs vocal in this part is also really nice and strong, which is to be expected. It just all sounds really good. Jinyoung also sounds really good in, what does end up being, the pre-chorus.


They brought in another genre with the chorus but they also drew the intensity back so we’re forced to focus on the english vocals. Youngjae sounds spectacular as usual.


I don’t really want to mention the choreography constantly throughout the review so I’ll wait until the very end to talk about it.

I like how Yugyeom is used in the chorus as well. While I’ve mentioned he suits singing in the pre-chorus’, I feel like his voice needs to be used in more chorus’.

After the first chorus as we go into the “ay, ay, ay” part from Bam, I have to put the phone down. And it’s all because of him! He’s looking too good for me to function so I just need a breath.

Five minutes and a drink of water later, I’m back.

Bam suits this song really well. The way he’s rapping and his overall aura are perfect for this song.

Yugyeom got a minute to dance solo and I’m living!!

The last chorus gave me goosebumps. JB and Jinyoung’s vocals are so beautiful and they reach places I wasn’t prepared for.

Wow. This review was a mess. And I don’t think I’m going to edit it. You all should be able to see how much of a mess I was while watching this. It took me 10 whole minutes to watch this. It was too much and I kept rewinding it to look at all the members.

It’s an improvement of “Look” sound-wise and, although “Look” wasn’t a bad song, I feel like that sound was finessed with this song. I can see why they chose to use this as the title – it’s catchy, bright and just so so good.

The lines given to each member suited them really well and the choreographyyyyy! It’s so good and I can’t wait to see their live stages for it. I was so unprepared for how well they all dance with this choreography and it made each and every member shine.

To me, this whole MV is about each member is in their dream place – whether it’s the image of their perfect place or it’s just a place they’ve once dreamed of – and I think it’s a really cool idea.

I’m a firm believer in each era belonging to one member. I’m not meaning this in a mean way, though. All members suit their comeback songs but there’s always one member that suits it more than any other. For example, “Look” era belonged to Jinyoung etc. “Lullaby” era, hands down, belongs to JB. I don’t know if it’s because he was going extra hard in this song or they styling suited him really well, but this era is his.

This is, in my opinion, their best title song. While its not my favourite concept or era for me – which is Mad era, or “If You Do” era – but I think as a song that fits all seven members in the best possible way. Actually, I might have to change that opinion. Maybe this is my favourite era now…. I’ll let you all know at a later date.

MV: 10/10
SONG: 10/10

I don’t give out 10s a lot so hopefully that should give you a fair idea of how much I love this song. This era is really speaking to me and I’m owing it all down to the fact they all get a solo. For some reason with my bias groups, the albums when they get solos tend to be my favourite so far.

How did you all like “Lullaby” and how do you feel it weighs up in comparison to their other title tracks? Let me know down below or leave me a comment on Twitter!


Bye guys!


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