I thought I’d do a little post that accumulates all seven solo songs before I head into the “Lullaby” MV and the first listen of PresentYOU. I also thought I’d use this post as a chance to get my feelings out over my favourites so far.

Keep in mind, these opinions are bound to change as the reviews are all based off my first listen thoughts only. I think it’s always important to let people know this, that most of my reviews are first impressions, as I think people might think I’m overly critical or I just don’t like a song. When I hear a song over and over again, my fondness for it grows and I no longer have the same issues I once had. It’s happened with a lot of songs so if my first listen opinions are harsh, they will change I’m sure. It’s very rare my first impressions are the same weeks later.

So here’s the list of my MV First Looks:

  • JACKSONs “Made It” – (here)
  • BAMBAMs “Party” – (here)
  • YOUNGJAEs “Nobody Knows” – (here)
  • JINYOUNGs “My Youth” – (here)
  • YUGYEOMs “Fine” – (here)
  • JBs “Sunrise” – (here)
  • MARKs “OMW” – (here)

Now that they’re all out of the way, I have some favourites. While I could totally talk about the songs I didn’t like, I would prefer to talk about those I do – the ones that are at the top.

It’s hard to pick a number one so I’ll just list my favourite three. They are “Nobody Knows”, “Sunrise” and “OMW”. All three of them are different but it seems like they’re all on the slower side. To those who know my style of music, you won’t be surprised. I’ve always been a fan of a slow song but these songs went over and above all expectations.

I can’t wait to move onto “Lullaby” and listen to the album (finally! after three weeks, it’s finally gong to happen!) so keep your eyes peeled for those reviews which will be coming this time tomorrow.

Let me know how you all feel about the solos and which ones you loved and didn’t like so much!


Bye guys!


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