GOT7 – PRESENT:YOU Album First Listen + Review

It’s finally the last post of my GOT7 week. For those you have read everything up until now, well done! I don’t know how you managed to hold on through all my ramblings but I’m happy you got here. Before going into my first listen for this album I do want to explain the template of this post first.

This will not be solely a first listen. I’ve researched the lyrics and watched their comeback show so I have a bit more information on these songs and this album than I would usually have with a standard first listen. I’m not too sure if it’s because they’re one of my bias groups or because they had a comeback show where more information was available.

I will go in chronological order through the songs – I’ll write about my first impressions briefly before going into what the songs about, the genre and delve into specific lyrics I especially enjoyed. I’ll try to keep everything as straightforward as I can, I know I tend to ramble, so cross your fingers we all make it through this.


ALBUM: Present:You


Available on Spotify and iTunes!

Present:You, GOT7s third full album, was released 17 September 2018 with title track “Lullaby”. Their main objective for this album was a body of work purely dedicated to their fans – iGOT7 or Ahgase. Everything about this album screams personal, including their VLive comeback show which is their first one without an MC. What also makes this album special is it contains solo songs from all seven members. I’m overly biased when it comes to all things involving GOT7 but I’m super excited and proud of them for working so hard on their on individual works.

I did mention above the template that will follow. This will be a really long post so be sure to get a drink, take a seat and get ready for a half-factual/half-fangirl entry. By the time I write this review, it’s been a few days since I heard the album for the first time and I have heard it a lot since then so my first listen opinions have changed a little bit but I’ll try and keep that out of this review. If you’re curious how my opinions have changed leave me a message under this post or on Twitter and I’ll let you know.

Title track “Lullaby” has already been heard and watched. A lot (see here). I love this song so much and in my opinion is their best title track to date. This isn’t saying it’s my favourite concept for them (which is “If You Do”/Mad era) but as an all round body of work – it’s their best. It’s one of their most purely pop songs on the album, with influences of synths and house styles which is only heightened with high energy choreography. To me, this song and MV is all about finding your happy place or your dreamland which is supported by the soft colour palette and the momentary softer vocal tones used throughout the song.

The special thing about this particular song is the four different versions available – Korean, English, Chinese and Spanish – which was their way of catering to their international fans. I don’t really have anything to say in regards to these versions of the title other than that I love how they branched out towards in different languages.

There weren’t any lyrical moments that especially spoke to me, I just love everything about this song. At the time of writing this review, GOT7 have just managed to have 6 music show wins for this song and I think it’s well deserved. You can just tell how much fun they have while performing this song and it totally captures the essence of each members skill set.

Second track “Enough” has similarities to the title track at the very start before breaking down at the chorus. I like how it does have a more hiphop feel while still having that element of building potential. Although EDM isn’t my favourite, I enjoy this song due to it’s varying tempos and it’s high and low points and I can’t help but feel like it’s a style they’ve never tried before. The bridge gave me goosebumps and continues to do so every time I listen to it.

JB was the mastermind behind this song as he wrote both the song and the lyrics and wrote it based on a quote from a book: “Love. That is enough.” Naturally, this is a love song but a high energy one which is clearly shown through the lyrics.

“Hold my hand tight
I want you to know everything through the warmth of that hand
Even if everything I have left
You’re enough”

Third track “Save You” has a different sound that the title would suggest. I like how it’s rooted in a more hiphop feel with strong elements of 80s-90s hiphop. The pre-chorus is hectic, a trait they’ve always had in regards to changing up the tempo halfway through the song, but it does die down a little in the chorus which I’m thankful for. The breakdown at Jackson’s verse is my favourite part of the song, too. Although not my favourite off the album so far, I enjoy the change ups throughout the verses compared to the chorus.

JB again was behind this song, contributing to both the song and the lyrics. He also said he wrote this song because a fan asked them to try this newer style which is cool. Hopefully people don’t start telling them what to write and what music to do from now on, but the story behind the song is pretty cool.

Lyrically, this song is about giving strength. It’s a super sweet and encouraging song and the lyrics made my eyes water.

“Like a moon that brightens up a dark night
I’ll make you laugh when you’re depressed
Because I understand you even if no one knows you
I’ll be on your side no matter what

Always wear green
When you see me, you cross the street
Don’t make me crazy
Because your grief breaks me down

When I hear words that hurt you
I’ll cover your ears with my hands
Every day for you.”

Overall, the song is okay but the lyrics make me appreciate the song even more. I also appreciate how they’re trying new things and going in new direction. While it does have similar influences from some of their back-catalogue, the way they’ve combined a whole bunch of them is new and fresh.

“No One Else” follows the same electronic sound as the previous songs but with an underlying hiphop beat. Yugyeom in the pre-chorus gives me goosebumps though I don’t know why I’m surprised since he is the member I prefer singing the pre-chorus’ due to his vocal tones. It sounds uplifting and I can’t help but to bop along to it.

Yugyeom was behind this song which he wrote with EFFN, with influences of dance, funk and pop. The whole gist of this song is giving everything to someone, which is cool and very Yugyeom sounding. There wasn’t anything particularly standout about the lyrics but I did notice they were very direct – yet another thing that’s very suited to Yugeyom.

Fifth track “No One Else” is their promotional song and I’ve been very interested in it. Usually when GOT7 promotes, their title track is upbeat and the supporting song is stripped back and more emotional or vice versa. I do have a lot to say about this song so bare with me on this one.

There’s nice piano throughout the whole song and is on the slower side but for sure has potential to build. The pre-chorus gave me the chills thanks to Yugyeom again. But the chorussssss!! It gave me so many chills and I had to go back and listen to that part twice, before moving on to the rest of the song. The rap-line singing is one of my favourite parts while the vocals sound almost like a dream, like they’re singing far away from the mic. I also like how the chorus is with all seven members, almost like an anthem. Did someone just say “If I die”?! It is by far my favourite off the album so far and I’m both hype and emotional about the song without knowing exactly what it’s about.

Jinyoung wrote and composed this song…HOW DID I NOT KNOW?! I swear, Jinyoung’s songs never cease to amaze me and I find myself connecting with the songs he’s been a part of before finding out he had anything to do with the production of it. I think we may be connected. Anyway…

This is a Jinyoung song with a future bass sound, similar to the likes of “Mayday” from their Turbulence album. The lyrics are about believing in yourself and walking your own path, which is great. Lyrically, this song messes me up in a lot of ways. I did notice the words “Love Yourself” in the song as well which made me flip out.

“My image that others are talking about
I lost my way
Look in the mirror
Take a good look at yourself
Find yourself, love yourself
Do you notice

I hope you will look at me as I am
Who it is, what kind of person he is
I don’t know why it’s so important
Can’t you look at me for
I am me.”

This song is beautiful and I fall in love with it even more every time I listen to it. The sound of the music, the vocals and the lyrics are just so beautiful. Well done, Jinyoung!!

Now that all the newer songs have been completed, it’s time for the solo songs. I don’t want to cover all seven of them seeing as I did do individual reviews of the MVs earlier in the week. I will, however, mention a few opinions I do have on some songs and also let you know some of my favourites. Just know I have heard all solos in full and did read their translations so I do understand a lot more than at first look.

Mark’s “OMW” featured Jackson which I was not ready for. As I assumed, Jackson did make this song, with the help of BOYTOY, I just didn’t even think he’d be a part of the song as well.

Jackson’s “Made It” was a lot more enjoyable the second time listening to it. I did mention in the first look the thing that made me enjoy it more was the dark elements of the music which is still true to this day.

My favourite solos were “Sunrise” and “My Youth” but my absolute favourite was “Nobody Knows”. Please give me a second to talk about this song in a lot more detail because it made me cry. Twice.

For those who have read all my GOT7 reviews this week, you’ll know how much I loved “Nobody Knows”. You can imagine how emotional I was when I read the lyrics and researched the song a little more.

“Nobody Knows” shows a closer look into Youngjae’s feelings and I’m unsure if he still feels this way. Instead of being a sad song like I initially thought, it’s about being confident and moving forward. A way to relieve your anger. Regardless of what the overall feeling of the song is I couldn’t help but cry twice – once when hearing the song in full and again when I read the lyrics. I refuse to even select a section lyrics that I especially enjoyed and will instead leave the whole thing below. My heart hurts over this song and the way Youngjae delivers all the emotions so well.

“Just smile and let it go
It’s easier that way
It’s hard to say anything else
So just smile

In the end all the people are the same
What you want from me is the same
I will do exactly what you want
I will do exactly what you want
What everyone hopes for

You probably think it’s easy for me
You probably think “he must be happy”
But you are wrong

Nobody Knows
You don’t know anything about me
I am lonely and I’m alone
I don’t want to show this side
So I’ve been hiding it
Now I don’t need to see that face expression anymore
Just with that its enough for me

Nobody Knows
Nobody Knows
I will try to overcome it by myself…

Even if tears are coming out
I can’t cry cause I will be on the spotlight
Now I’ll concentrate on me
I’m gonna tighten this time

Leave me alone
Now, without you
I can do it
I will succeed”

Honestly, this song will always be a top tier GOT7 song and my favourite of the solo’s and even of Youngjae’s solo works on SoundCloud.

This album was both what I expected but also nothing like what I expected. It’s well rounded and does show each and every member in their best possible light in skill but also in their personality. The concept of the album is highlighted with these specific songs and I felt it every step of the way.

While it’s not my favourite album from them, I can’t deny it does have it’s own charm and it’s own shinning moments. What I do like is they made such a personal album at the same time they present solo songs – don’t worry, this factor isn’t lost on me. I’m so proud of my babies and am happy they’ve been doing so well in Korea with their title song.


What did you all think of this album and did you have any favourites? Let me know down below or leave me a message on Twitter!

I want to thank everyone who’s waited for this to finally be posted. Believe me, I too was getting impatient with my own self. But it’s up now and my life is almost worse because of it TT


Bye guys!



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