IKON – “Goodbye Road” MV

What a year iKON have had in 2018 which has ultimately become a double-edged sword in my opinion. On one hand, they’re the first YG group to have three comebacks in one year but on the other hand they could be overworking themselves. I’m an advocate for an idols mental health and happiness above all things so I hope the boys haven’t run themselves too raw.

I love the music they’ve released this year, some more than others, but overall they’re released some of the best music to come out of Korea this year. I don’t need to explain how massive “Love Scenario” is, which should for sure be getting Song of the Year, nor do I have to explain how amazing “Killing Me” is, the latter being my favourite iKON title song from 2018. It’s been a massive year.

Hanbin has a real talent for writing and producing music and I can’t wait for all the songs he’s hidden away over the last few years to be released. There is an obvious link with the music he writes, the slower ones anyway, which is the theme of heartbreak. He can write a damn good sad song! For those of you unaware, sad songs are my favourite.

With a title like “Goodbye Road” I’m assuming this is going to draw the journey of said heartbreak to a close which is, I’m sure, going to be incredibly emotional. Like I just mentioned, Hanbin’s extremely talented in this specific field so I’m excited about the lyrics. I don’t know if I’ll be including the lyrics in this post or wait until I post the first listen which should be up around the same time as this.

The fact Chanwoo starts this song off makes me freak out. I know there’s a big commotion over how little his parts are within their title songs so I’m happy Hanbin was able to give him the intro. His deep voice still messes with me and it’s a great way to set up the mood of the song.

I love when a rapper does his thing on top of a slow song as I feel like its a great way to see how talented he is and Bobby is for sure one of the most talented idol rappers. I love how he sings through his verse which takes me back to the wonders of his Love and Fall album.

Donghyuk and Yunhyeong singing the chorus gave me the chills which were only intensified with their cute and appropriate choreography. Having Donghyuk start the chorus off is a great way to add to the overall sweetness of the slow song which also, I’m assuming, adds to the gist of the lyrics.

I can’t help but notice the odd moments of muffled voices and muffled music, like the sound of the graininess of a record player, which gives the overall song a vintage style. I’m sure this was a creative and artistic choice and I’m even more interested in what the lyrics are.

I always find that Hanbin’s face in these slower more nostalgic songs portrays the message the best. Maybe it’s how close he is to the lyrics or it could be his puppy face. Either way, these sadder concepts suit him extremely well.

I don’t need to elaborate anymore on these two words but hopefully you’ll understand how I feel in regards to it: KOO JUNHOE!!!

Giving Chanwoo the same words but placed at the end of the song gives a sense of closure or the feeling of the message coming full circle. It’s a nice touch and I’m always here for Chanwoo getting more lines.

I’m unsure what’s going on with the colour palette used in this MV as it does change between brighter colours and almost muted ones – there isn’t a big difference between the two it’s just something I picked up. Regardless of it’s brightness, I find it to be very clear and crisp. I don’t know if this adds to the concept in any way but I do like this MV a lot.

The song doesn’t have a huge climax too it which I feel is fitting. It’s not overwhelming and is subtle in all the best ways. I like how it is a slower song lyrically but the music isn’t too slow. The violins and strings used throughout give it an innocent and sensitive feeling to it which makes the song a little more theatrical and grand than I was expecting. Overall, I really like it. It’s a nice way to end such a great year for the group and it makes me even more excited for the kind of music they’ll be doing in the future.

MV: 9/10
SONG: 9/10

What do you all think of this last comeback from iKON? What was your favourite title song from them this year? Let me know down below or leave me a comment on Twitter!


Bye guys!


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