IKON – NEW KIDS: THE FINAL Album First Listen + Review

I’m so excited to hear this! I’ve just watched their MV for “Goodbye Road” and I’m interested to see if the album is going to share the same sad sentiments as the title. While I’m not ready for another Return shit show, I’m expecting there to be some nice slow songs I can get on board with. I will be looking into the lyrics as well and letting you know the particular parts that messed with me.


ALBUM: New Kids: The Final

ikon album

Available on Spotify and iTunes!

New Kids: The Final was released 1 October 2018 with title track “Goodbye Road” and is their final contribution to their New Kids trilogy. I for one am extremely proud of the journey these boys have shown us this year and I’m anticipating a sad yet comforting end to the idea of heartbreak first introduced through “Love Scenario”.

Although a small album, I’m anticipating at least a couple of songs to fast track to the top of my list. While their last mini was a little half and half for me, this time around I’m just overwhelmed they’re having a third comeback in one year so I’m just going to sit back and appreciate what they’re offering.

I have already seen the MV and heard “Goodbye Road” – see (here) – and I did enjoy the song. What I enjoy a lot more from hearing it a second time is how calming it is. It’s not hectic and does their overall story justice. Upon looking at the lyrics I’m blown away a little bit. A lot of the feelings I had while watching the MV without translations ended up being correct. It’s for sure a break up song yet does have an element of closure and nostalgia to it.

“Goodbye, goodbye
If I knew we were going to break up
I shouldn’t have loved you so much”

“I didn’t mean to date you just to cry together
I didn’t mean to create memories to be left with pain
I’ve once again become strangers with someone so easily
I didn’t just love you to break up with you”

As we part towards the rough path
After you leave me, I hope you
Only walk on the path with flowers”

“Be careful as we part our separate lonely ways
Forget all the memories of me as you go”

Second track “Don’t Let Me Know” is a different direction entirely. Bobby’s muffled voice at the start was nice before quickly turning into an EDM song. The pre-chorus is pretty empty yet has potential to build which it does do in the chorus. In all honesty, I’m not a fan of this song. I don’t like EDM as a genre but when I do, I like it to have more variety and to progress to a certain place and this song just didn’t do it.

The change up in Bobby’s rap was nice though and I also can’t deny iKONs talent to pull off a high-tempo and full-speed song. While they have had songs that fuse EDM with hiphop, they’ve never done a song that’s as pure as this one so it’s great to see them trying new styles. My favourite part is the bridge and I wish this tempo was used more in the rest of the song.

What makes me almost like this song is the lyrics. Not only does iKON carry out an upbeat song in their own style but Hanbin can write the shit out of a sad song. He’s an absolute genius at writing such sad lyrics to upbeat music – this song is the perfect example of that.

“Don’t let me know
I love you so much
Even if you meet someone you want to brag about”

“Yeah, your beauty
My bowl is too small to carry it by myself
I can’t miss it.it spilled out and splashed like water
Meet a good person
Even if I think I’ll be okay and happy
I’m a little hurt for some reason”

“It’s good because you’re laughing
It hurts because I can’t
I can’t escape from the times we were together”

It doesn’t entirely turn my opinion on the song as a whole but I’m almost there. Maybe if I were to listen to it enough times or to see a live stage but right now, I’m not a fan.

“Adore You” is their third track which I think they’re promoting with….I’m not sure about that but I think it is. Purely from that title, I’m feeling like this song will be a slower one and boy was I right.

I love when Donghyuk starts off a song and he starts this one off in a beautiful way and his verse is actually quite long. I’m also noticing Chanwoo starts off this song as well which I, of course, love. Yunhyeong is also really strong in this song as well, especially in the bridge.

But Junhoe… June made my eyes water when he hits the chorus. There’s just something about his voice that’s extremely raw and emotive which I appreciate in every way, shape and form. He’s one of my top vocalists in K-Pop ever so I love when he let’s his full voice out in all it’s rocky glory.

I mention all the time how much I love a rapper on a slow song and Bobby really checks all the boxes for me. Whenever he does approach a slower song in a vocal and more melodic way I can’t help but be taken back to Love And Fall album which I’m okay with. He also has the ability to bring out a certain sweetness to a song.

Overall, I liked this song a lot and for some reason it gives me vibes on an ending song for a concert. I can see it in my head, them singing this song with iKONICs and walking around the stage. It’s a beautiful song, that sounds like they use a live band, and written beautifully!

“As I’ve lived my life making memories meeting you
The closer we get, the more I swallow my heart
Because I know the blazing flames will go away easily
We’re still living our best moments”

“You’re a good person to me
So don’t come any closer
I want to see you for a long time
Let’s just stay this way

To be honest, I adore you
I adore you a lot
For me to be able to hide this truth
Hug me without talking”

“You also know about love
It’s something that organizes over time yeah
To end up in the right place, let’s stay the same
Can’t we just ignore each other’s feelings?”

Their final track “Perfect” could go either way genre wise. I don’t know if they’re going to go in the same direction as the previous song or be similar to “Don’t Let Me Know” to keep some continuity and purpose to that song being on this album.

It’s a slow song again, not complaining at all. It sounds a little jazzy and has a similar sound to “Adore You” in the way of the live band feeling. It’s a sound I don’t think they’ve really attempted before and it’s a sound that works really well with them. Hopefully they can continue using this sound in the future because you don’t hear a lot of live band in mainstream K-Pop which needs to be remedied ASAP.

This song has some really nice aspects – there’s some beautiful harmonies and the chorus is a little jumpy melodically which I enjoy for the variety within the song. Once again, June absolutely slays me and I’m gonna need a solo album from him at some point.

For some reason, I feel like I’ve heard this song before. If this song’s been on any of their other things please let me know so I don’t feel foolish or like a fake fan. But if its brand new and I’m just saying false things…I’m foolish and a fake fan.

Lyrically, this song breaks my heart and my eyes watered when I finally read the translation. I don’t know what kind of heartbreak Hanbin has been through but I really hope he’s okay. Maybe he gets his inspiration from dramas, from his friends experiences or just what he thinks someone going through difficult times would feel. Either way, I want to hug him and tell him he did well.

“I was wrong baby come back to me
Why do I want to see you now, but it’s too late
I didn’t know it when I was next to you
I thought you were going through it, too

How did you put up with me?
Why did you cover for my selfish side?

I never wiped your tears away
Everything was tiring and I wanted you to push me away”

“Regret is the norm. Not holding your hand amongst other things
Not listening to you
Oh even for a moment
You’re the one that allowed a person like me to live properly”

Overall I do like the majority of this album but in regards to “Don’t Let Me Know”, I can’t help but feel like it didn’t fit with the rest of the tracks musically but did lyrically. Even though I have this feeling towards that song, I can’t bring myself to dislike the album as a whole. What that song lacked it more than made up for it with the meaning and lyrics. I think these boys are in dire need of a break so hopefully they can have a bit of a rest even though I don’t think that will be happening. If they have another comeback this year I may have to boycott YG for yet another thing.

Good job babies. Now get some sleep!

RATING: 8.5/10

What did you all think of the album and what was your favourite song off the EP? Do you have a favourite song from their New Kids trilogy? Let me know down below or leave me a comment on Twitter!

Bye guys!


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