THE ROSE – “She’s In the Rain” MV

I can’t even put into words how excited I am for THE ROSE to finally comeback. Their last EP was so amazing and has been one of my top albums this year. Honestly, if you haven’t heard it yet – WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?! They’re such an amazing band that for sure elevates the quality of Korean Rock so I think you should all check them out ASAP!

I don’t know too much about the individual members aside from Woosung/Sammy so you’ll have to excuse my ignorance through this MV review. But don’t for a second take that as in I don’t want to learn – trust me, I do. And I will.

From the teasers this song looked like my heart was about to be ripped out of my chest. The black and white looked beautiful and will no doubt give me nostalgic vibes but the use of the water… I’m going to need to sit down while I watch this, I can tell!

I like how the song starts off acoustic, with Woosung’s voice giving me chills from the get go. The pulses of pixelation are really creative and I can’t help but drift back to my original thought of nostalgia.

The two different colour palettes used are really cool and show a clear story. While the black and white seems to be more on the muted side, the colour sequences are vivid and bright. Having such different colours doesn’t seem to be a negative and instead they seem cohesive.

I can also pick up a lot of english used through the song which hurts me. I can’t wait to look into the lyrics at the end of this review so I can feel even more pain…

I can hear some violins and other string instruments in the pre-chorus which I love! I love how the music pauses straight after the first chorus before dropping and the song becomes a little more electric and full than it was earlier. The fusion of strings, acoustic guitar and their usual band sound is perfection.

The music change in the bridge adds the perfect amount of intensity and build to what I’m guessing is going to be a nice drop back into the full band sound. What I wasn’t expecting the song to break down straight after this part so I’m covered in goosebumps.

All the instruments are brought to the forefront of the song with some really nice harmonies and Woosung’s usual breathy voice singing the last chorus. I love this song so much – it’s super emotional, super captivating and I can’t wait to listen to the whole album. I’m not sure if I’m going to review the album or not yet. I could do it but I feel like I want to listen to the album without having to feel obligated to write a review on it. From this song alone, I already know you all should listen to it!

The english lyrics are stunningly beautiful. From the song title “She’s In the Rain”, I assumed it was about someone being caught in a tough time of darkness and finally seeing the lyrics, I was in the right direction.

Honestly, this is the first THE ROSE song I’ve looked at the lyrics to and, although somewhat simple, the meaning and poetry used is beautiful.

“I’m dying in-side
I wanna think that it’s a lie why why
Even if I shout
There is no answer
A flood of loneliness in the rain rain rain…”

“Do you hear me
Even if you’re hurt you don’t show it
I’m so scared of seeing the end
In your eyes
I can see the emptiness…”

“She’s in the Rain
When I look at how beautiful you are
Time stops
It’s hard to even open my eyes now
No whoa whoa she’s in the rain”

“In my memory
Your traces spread
As if the rain has soaked them up
I lose track of where to go
In your tears of frozen reality…”

This song is stunning, the MV equally so and I’m in love with it. I really, really suggest you to listen to these boys and support their artistry. While they are in a genre that isn’t huge in Korea, with fellow band DAY6 taking off internationally, hopefully more people will listen to the wonders of Korean Rock and THE ROSE.

MV: 10/10
SONG: 10/10

How did you all think of THE ROSE’s new song? Were you a fan of them before or is this the first time you hear about them? Let me know down below or leave me a comment on Twitter!


Bye guys!


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