Hey guys!

I know you all must be sick of me posting things titled “update” and “it’s been a terrible two weeks” but for those who know me or follow me on any kind of platform, you’ll know this year has been by far the worst one in all 28 years of my life.

While I could 100% not post this or throw any kind of pity party for myself, I like to let things out without speaking to specific people about these things. I have voiced these issues I’ve been having a couple of Twitter-mutuals-turned-friends and my appreciation and thanks to each of them is beyond words. Specifically Miss Marielle.

You’ve been an angel sent from above and I value you and your presence in my life. We were destined to be friends, that’s for damn sure! I love you long time, love!

While the start of this is about my personal life the actual point of this is for information on why I’ve been absent from social media and not posting any MV or album reviews.

For the past week I’ve been off social media to try and sort out my life but while staying away I have kept uptodate with MV and album releases. While I have watched everything and listened to what I need to, writing any kind of review seems unnecessary therefore I won’t be posting either of those for what has come out in the last week or so. I will have a list of things I’ve watched and listened to that I would usually review on here so if you’re interested in my thoughts on such things, leave a comment down below or on Twitter.


  • MRSHLL – Ok (feat. Lydia Paek)


  • SUPER JUNIOR x REIK – One More Time (Otra Vez)


  • NCT 127 – Regular (English ver.)


  • NCT 127 – Regular (Korean ver.)






  • ZION.T – Hello Tutorial feat. Seulgi


  • SOHEE – Hurry Up feat. BOL4


  • LEE HONGKI – Cookies feat. Ilhoon


The MVs above have been some really nice songs, my favourites of which are “OK”, “BBIBBI”, “Still”, and “Hello Tutorial”. I’ve liked the subdued and more relaxed vibe from these songs a lot.



I do have a few favourites but my two tops are breathe by MRSHLL and ZZZ from ZION.T. I really wished I did a review for MRSHLL because I love him and think not enough people talk about him and how amazing his voice is. ZION.Ts album is amazing and I think I like it more than his last album – which did grow on me, but purely off first listen ZZZ is better for me.

Again, I’m sorry for being absent on here for a little bit and for missing the reviews for the above things but as I said, I was having a hard time so took some time away to sort my shit out. It’s not entirely done yet but it will be. It has to be.

While I do appreciate those who will ask how I am, I want to reiterate:

I’m fine, I swear haha. Honestly. I’ll get there but for the most part I’m on the mend.

I’ll get back to my normal stuff soon but for now, this is the only post you’ll get from me for a little bit until the next big comeback which will compel me to write something.

Bye guys!


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